Analysis of the explosion of Ke Yan: white mud mask is useless and chicken ribs. Calendula cleanser is the most recommended.

Speaking of cleaning mask, many small buddy first thought of Ke Yan’s white mud mask. In fact, I always think that cleaning mud film is not necessary for skin care. Because deep cleaning itself is a misunderstanding, it can not solve acne, blackhead, white head acne and other problems.

and most of the cleaning mud membranes mainly use bentonite, kaolin and other adsorption components to help adsorb the excess oil in the pores. However, oil adsorption can not completely improve the skin oil problems. Therefore, this kind of mud film can be used temporarily, but it is not practical to expect it to improve the problems of blackhead and acne.

in addition to bentonite and kaolin, corn starch is also added as a physical friction agent, which can remove old and waste cutin through friction. There are also tocopherol as antioxidant and allantoin to help anti-inflammatory.

several partners asked this model before. They thought it was very comfortable to use and wanted to see the product analysis. This is actually a basic moisturizing essence. Polyols as the basic moisturizing ingredients, combined with silicone oil to enhance moisturizing, but also help to regulate the skin feeling.

active ingredients: only perilla leaf extract is used as anti-inflammatory agent. The others are some skin conditioning agents and so on. On the whole, I think the price of about 500 counter is not cost-effective. It is a basic moisturizing essence. This product can be replaced by too strong. It is not very recommended to

Mexoryl SX – a new water-soluble chemical sunscreen, which mainly absorbs ultraviolet light of 290nm-400nm wavelength. It can cover part of UVB + part of UVA. This is also a patent component of L’Oreal Group, with strong light stability. OMC, a common chemical sunscreen, mainly absorbs UVB in 290nm-320nm; Mexoryl XL is also a patent component of L’Oreal Group, which can absorb part of UVA and UVB. In L’Oreal’s sunscreen products, it is often used in combination with Mexoryl SX. Uvinul a plus is a kind of UVA sunscreen which mainly absorbs the ultraviolet rays of 320nm-400nm; tianlaishi is also a kind of spectrum sunscreen, which has good absorption capacity for UVB and UVA, and is also a common chemical sunscreen on the market. Zinc oxide, a physical sunscreen, has good resistance to UVA and UVB, with the disadvantage of whitening.

in addition to sunscreen, the compound of tocopherol, rosette extract and Scutellaria baicalensis extract can assist in antioxidant, soothing and whitening. On the whole, the ability of sunscreen is nothing to say, but in terms of skin feeling, it is not satisfactory.

I remember that I used a sample of my shopping last year. I don’t like it very much. It’s greasy. Also found some other users on the network use of feedback, to give you some reference.

in fact, skin feeling is very personal and subjective. The netizens’ comments above are also oily skin. Some people think it is very refreshing, some people think it is very oily, and even dry skin also thinks that super oil is used.

but we can’t say who is wrong. After all, there are many factors that affect a person’s skin feeling. Even if it is the same skin type, usage habits, environment or a person’s preference for skin feeling will affect his subjective comments. Above skin feeling gives everybody a reference.

conclusion: the sunscreen ability is good, the daily commuting is absolutely enough, and it is no problem to apply it on time when going out. I don’t like skin feeling personally. I’m willing to pay for the price of around 300 if I put aside the skin feeling.

this is a refreshing version of high moisturizing cream, featuring Oil-Free. So this is actually an oily skin version of the high moisturizing cream.

moisturizing ingredients alcohol based, compounded with silicone oil to enhance moisture retention, because it is gel texture, Carbomer is used as thickener. The active ingredient is tocopherol as antioxidant. In order to cater to the fresh skin feeling of oily skin, it also adds a lot of alcohol.

this is almost the same price as the ordinary high moisturizing cream, but it is really not recommended. What’s new is that the moisturizing cream is refreshing. Why not buy the regular edition directly? In addition, if you really want to improve your skin, you should adjust your skin feeling. Refreshing and good absorption is only personal subjective demand, not skin demand.

although I have a general impression of marigold water, I still need to give a great praise for the cleansing of marigold. Big brand cleansers use soap base cleanser to cooperate with good skin feeling, which makes people feel that they are washed clean and do not pull dry, and consumers love it.

this Calendula cleansing gel uses APG compound amino acid to express activity, which is a relatively mild cleansing product. The foaming power is medium to low, but those who like bubble can cooperate with foaming net to achieve the desired effect.

there are many anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients in the ingredients, so I won’t say much about it here. Because cleansing products stay for dozens of seconds, how much can active ingredients do? As long as you can do a gentle clean, skin feel good.

white mud is not able to achieve the desired effect; moisturizing essence is not high cost performance, and can replace strong; sunscreen has good sunscreen ability, but skin feeling is general. Although the price is not low, but if the skin feel like the case is worth starting; refreshing version of high moisturizing cream is chicken ribs, not recommended; Calendula cleansing power is good and mild, the most recommended. OK, the above is today’s content, hope to help you ~ I’m Miya, want to know more reliable beauty knowledge, remember to praise and pay attention to Oh ~