Ankle sprain, do not affect to walk to be ok? Don’t be careless. It’s important to treat in time

In daily life, especially women who often wear high-heeled shoes or people who like sports, many people should have experienced sprains. As long as it doesn’t affect walking, many people won’t pay attention to it. Maybe they won’t even stick plaster.

this is because some people don’t know about ankle sprain. Ankle joint is a very important joint in the foot. If it is not handled properly, it will do great harm to the foot. After ankle joint injury, we should observe in time, according to the situation, take positive measures to deal with, to avoid leaving sequelae.

generally speaking, when walking at a low speed, the foot sprains, and the foot does not feel obvious pain, it may be just a soft tissue injury. But also should pay attention to timely rest, try not to get up to exercise, especially do not immediately participate in strenuous exercise, to avoid ligament strain.

in the later stage of foot pain relief, appropriate rehabilitation training can be carried out for the ankle, such as ankle flexion and extension or swinging the ankle from side to side. Proper ankle recovery exercise can promote blood circulation and accelerate ankle joint repair.

swelling after sprained ankle, some accompanied by bruise, and severe pain when walking, it is very likely that ligament strain. To be vigilant, observe the swelling part of the ankle. If the swelling has not been reduced or even worsened for several days, go to the hospital as soon as possible with the help of others. To understand the specific situation of the injured site, to avoid the occurrence of traumatic arthritis.

after ankle injury, we should take measures in time and deal with it correctly to avoid aggravation of injury. In daily life, we should also pay attention to details to prevent ankle joint injury and affect health.

never apply hot compress immediately after a sprained foot. Local swelling and swelling of soft tissue will be caused by local application. The sprain should be treated with cold compress in time to relieve the pain.

wrap the ice with a towel and apply it on the surface of the injured part. Cold compress for 10 to 20 minutes, usually no more than 20 minutes, to avoid local tissue blood circulation caused by too long ice compress time. Ice compress 3-5 times a day can prevent the formation of bruises and effectively eliminate swelling.

many people think that ankle sprain is a trivial matter, and they do not want to bandage and fix it in a big way. In fact, the ankle joint injury should be timely pressure bandage fixation, which helps to maintain the balance of both sides of the ankle, and promote the recovery of soft tissue injury as soon as possible.

before exercise, we must do a good job of warm-up exercise, especially to ensure that the ankle joint and other joints are well prepared and fully stretched to avoid the body’s failure to respond in time and cause joint damage. At ordinary times, we should adhere to moderate exercise, not strenuous exercise. Maintain the physical condition and improve the physical quality fundamentally.

the diet of people with ankle injury should be mainly light, and they can eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, so as to keep their body in sufficient vitamin C. Calcium can also be appropriately supplemented to help repair tissue. When the road surface is uneven or slippery, try to wear anti-skid flat shoes instead of high-heeled shoes with high roots. Walk carefully and slowly and try not to run.

ankle joint has a great effect on human beings, so we should pay attention to it and deal with it in time. Keep positive attitude and take corresponding measures to protect ankle joint. Can not be ignored, to avoid aggravating the disease, affecting normal life. Any part of the body discomfort, we should pay attention to, the right medicine. Only by taking reasonable measures in time can we recover as soon as possible and protect our health.