Another baby panda born in Japan

On November 23, according to the website of the Ministry of foreign affairs, foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian presided over a regular press conference. It was mentioned by the media that a male panda cub was born to “liangbang”, a giant panda in the “adventure world” in Baibin Town, hekeshan County, on November 22. In response, Zhao Lijian said that he had seen the good news and wished the baby panda a healthy growth and a happy life in Japan. Zhao also expressed his thanks to all the “panda fans” who cared for the baby panda.

he pointed out that panda is China’s national treasure and business card, which is deeply loved by people from all over the world, and is also a worthy Ambassador of friendship. In 1972, the giant pandas Kangkang and Lanlan traveled across the ocean, setting off a panda boom in Japan. In the past 50 years, panda has played a unique and important role in promoting Japanese people’s understanding of China and Promoting Sino Japanese civil friendship. The mountains and rivers are different, the wind and the moon are in the same day. It is believed that this baby panda, born during the epidemic, will bring happiness to the Japanese people and will also be a witness of China Japan friendship.

on the same day, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying also sent greetings in English and Japanese on social media. She said that this lucky place has become the second hometown of pandas. She hopes that new life can light up the haze of the new epidemic and bring more good news to the Sino Japanese friendship. She also expressed the hope that the new “little angel” of Sino Japanese friendship can grow up healthily.

according to the NHK website of Japan on November 23, this is the 17th giant panda born in this animal park. According to the zoo, Yongming, a 28 year old panda father, is 80 to 85 years old in terms of human age. However, two years ago, Yongming also successfully bred, setting the world’s oldest record for a captive male panda to give birth through natural mating. This time, it has set a new record. 08/16/2020