Anti abortion ban demonstrations in Poland

“This is a women’s revolution!” A German television station said on the 27th that Poland’s anti abortion ban demonstration has lasted several days. On the 26th local time, in Warsaw and other nearly 50 cities, women protestors took to the streets to block the streets to express their dissatisfaction. Last Sunday, there were even protestors in the church, which is a precedent in Poland.

tens of thousands of Polish women protested against the abortion ban across the country on Monday. They take cars, push bicycles, or walk in the main roads of cities, causing serious traffic jams. Some people hold up slogans like “enough,” “I won’t be your martyr,” “I want choice, not fear.”.

at a crossroads in Warsaw, as the crowd gathered more and more, women protestors jumped onto cars, took off their jackets and waved flags, causing a riot. As some people do not wear masks, the local governments are very worried about the deterioration of the epidemic situation. Warsaw mayor tezhaskovsky called on the protestors not to violate the epidemic prevention rules: “your angry behavior should not hurt innocent people.”

not only in Poland, but also in neighboring Ukraine, some people joined the mass protest. A member of the Ukrainian women’s rights group, Feynman, protested naked in front of the Polish embassy in Ukraine. The woman wrote “my body is up to me” in English and chanted “sisters armed!” in Polish She was then taken away by the police. Police said on Monday that there were more than 100 protests in several major Polish cities over the weekend, with thousands of people attending each. Most of the participants were women, but there were also male supporters.

this is the fifth consecutive day of anti abortion protests in Poland. And the reason is attributed to the Polish court 22 passed abortion ban. The ban bans almost all abortions and stipulates that pregnant women can have abortions only if they are raped or if their health is at risk. This means that pregnant women cannot seek abortion even if the fetus is defective. To this end, European Commission on human rights member miyatovic said it was “a sad day for women’s rights”. So far, the European Commission has not commented. Observers believe that this is because the EU has been commenting on Poland’s legal reform in recent years.

as soon as the ban was announced, there was a wave of female protest in Poland. On Sunday, Poland even had an unprecedented scene: in the southern city of Katowice, about 7000 protestors gathered outside the Catholic Church, chanting slogans such as “this is war” and “humanitarian law, non church law”. On the wall, words such as “abortion without borders” and “blood on hands” were sprayed on the walls, protesting that religious doctrines were overriding the law. The sponsor, sulvinsky, said the ban was tantamount to “pushing women to hell.”. In Poznan, there were also women who stormed into the church, holding posters depicting pregnant women crucified and slogans such as “Catholics also need abortion,” and issued protest cards to clergy before clashes with police.

said that more than 90% of poles are Catholics, and it is very unusual for women to make a big fuss in churches. It was seen as an insult to the clergy, an event of this kind almost unimaginable in this Catholic country. However, the Polish Church took the initiative to cool down the incident and proposed to strengthen dialogue. Archbishop gardich, President of the Polish Bishops’ Congress, called for the protection of “the right to life and women’s rights”. At the same time, he stressed that vulgar speech, violence, interruption of church services and blasphemy are not allowed by democratic countries.

the National Women’s strike, a well-known Polish women’s organization, also called for a nationwide women’s strike on Wednesday, the German news agency said. At the same time, Poland’s right-wing groups also announced the establishment of a “National Guard” to protect Catholic churches and believers from harassment. Some politicians in Poland are worried that there will be fierce clashes between women protestors and members of right-wing groups. Especially in the context of the growing epidemic situation, the protest and demonstration movement will make the Polish epidemic “worse”.

Austria reported that the abortion ban had been in force since 1993. For a long time, there has been little controversy on the delicate issue of abortion law in Poland. In recent years, with the rise of women’s movement in Poland, anti abortion ban has become one of their main goals. It is said that 200000 women in Poland have abortions illegally at home or abroad every year. 08/16/2020