Antihypertensive drugs to meet these five points, is a good antihypertensive drugs, do not care about the high or low!

What kind of boss in the outpatient department gave him antihypertensive drugs again, the attendant always stressed: we must give me the most expensive and best antihypertensive drugs imported. We are not short of money. I said: first of all, the expensive imported drugs are not necessarily the best. Besides, many imported drugs have not been available recently. Do you think it is important to reduce blood pressure or import and expensive? < / P > < p > we can meet a variety of patients in the hospital, not only with different identities, but also with different personalities. There are people who are good at talking and those who are difficult to speak. There are a hundred people, all kinds of them. < / P > < p > we can all feel that for the same drug, imported drugs must be more expensive than domestic drugs, sometimes even much more expensive. For example, amlodipine, the most commonly used cardiovascular antihypertensive drug, costs 4.5 yuan for imported amlodipine, but only 1 yuan for 28 domestic amlodipine tablets; the imported rosuvastatin costs 5.6 yuan for each tablet, but domestic rosuvastatin costs 1 yuan 28 pieces in a box, only a few yuan. One of the reasons why imported drugs are expensive is that they are original research products. At the time of research and development, the expenses were very high at the time of research and development, and it is also expensive to recover the development costs simply. Moreover, it is certain that other companies want to make money. < / P > < p > although the name of our domestic medicine is the same, it is actually a drug that has passed the patent protector. The drug we imitate has a relatively low cost. But more importantly, our country has been benefiting the people and bringing tangible benefits to the people. Many drugs have been greatly reduced in price. This is the fundamental reason why drugs are cheap recently. We should thank our motherland. < / P > < p > expensive drugs are not necessarily good, and those that are as soon as possible are not necessarily good. Of course, in theory, the effect of imported antihypertensive drugs with the same name may be better than that of domestic antihypertensive drugs. But when we take antihypertensive drugs, we need to take a comprehensive consideration, one of which is the price. < / P > < p > hypertension, most of them need to take medicine for a long time or even a lifetime. For most people, it is a practical problem to consider the price. If you don’t consider the price, maybe the more expensive the better, the better imported. But the most important thing is that the common people can afford it and treat the disease. So these domestic or relatively cheap antihypertensive drugs are not bad. Most hypertension is not a difficult disease, and it is not necessary to use imported drugs. As long as we can achieve our goal of reducing blood pressure, on this basis, of course, the cheaper the better. The main task of

antihypertensive drugs is to reduce blood pressure. It is useless to say that the blood pressure is colorful. It has the final say that blood pressure is lowered, whether imported or domestic, it is necessary to reduce blood pressure first. To be able to reduce blood pressure to normal is the primary task of antihypertensive drugs. On the premise of lowering blood pressure, if the price is suitable, why not do it? < / P > < p > most of the antihypertensive drugs are long-acting antihypertensive drugs, and most of them are long-term antihypertensive drugs, even if they are domestic cheap antihypertensive drugs. Long acting antihypertensive drugs have several advantages, once a day, convenient to eat, patients will not always forget, so as to improve the compliance of more people. Secondly, the long-acting antihypertensive drugs have advanced dosage forms, basically reaching the slow release of drugs within 24 hours, thus achieving the effect of long-term and stable blood pressure reduction, reducing blood pressure fluctuation and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. At present, our commonly used antihypertensive drugs can not only reduce blood pressure, but also have many other uses; and patients with hypertension often have cardiovascular and renal diabetes. So when choosing antihypertensive drugs, we must take into account other diseases. For example, the combination of fast heart rate angina pectoris should consider the luo’er antihypertensive drugs; for example, the combination of heart failure should consider pril / Sartan and lol antihypertensive drugs, or also need to add diuretics; for example, combined with myocardial infarction, we should consider Puli / Sartan and lol antihypertensive drugs; for example, combined with tachyarrhythmia, we should consider lol antihypertensive drugs; for example, with aortic dissection, we should consider lol antihypertensive drugs; For example, if you have diabetes mellitus, you have to consider pril / sartan antihypertensive drugs; if you have chronic kidney disease, you need to consider pril / sartan antihypertensive drugs; if you have urinary protein, you need to consider pril / sartan antihypertensive drugs, and so on. All of these need to be considered comprehensively. It varies from person to person. Choosing one antihypertensive drug has multiple effects, which can kill two birds with one stone. Any drug has side effects or adverse reactions, and so do antihypertensive drugs. However, since they are called side effects or adverse reactions, they can only occur in a very few people. We should not exaggerate the side effects of drugs, but we must also monitor the side effects, early detection, early treatment and early dressing, so as to make antihypertensive drugs serve us better, rather than being kidnapped by antihypertensive drugs. Even if a antihypertensive drug has side effects, there are many options, so it is the hard truth to reduce blood pressure. If this antihypertensive drug, you use up, no side effects, and meet the above four conditions, then it is a good antihypertensive drug, you can take it for a long time. < / P > < p > in fact, whether it is expensive imported antihypertensive drugs or domestic cheap antihypertensive drugs, as long as they can meet the above conditions, they are good antihypertensive drugs. My principles are: to be able to live a healthy life without drugs for the time being; to use less drugs, never to use more; to solve problems cheaply, never to use expensive ones; to be able to use drugs, never to operate. < / P > < p > to solve the most common people’s problems with the cheapest and most affordable way, doctors should not only have the professional ethics of doctors, but also have the mission of the times, so that more people can solve problems more quickly, conveniently and cheaply, which is my mission of the times! BEAUTY&SKIN CARE