“Appetite” bad two big performance, want to protect your stomach, these two kinds eat less

Introduction: now many office workers do not care about their diet, so they often do not eat, or eat too fast, which leads to some problems in their stomach. Therefore, we must pay more attention to their eating habits, and develop a good eating habit can help you have a healthier stomach.

Xiao Wang, usually he doesn’t care much about eating, so he is very casual about what he eats and how he eats. But recently, Xiao Wang began to find that he had frequent stomachache, and this stomachache has begun to affect Xiao Wang’s normal life, so it attracted Xiao Wang’s attention. Xiao Wang especially wanted to know if he ate something he shouldn’t eat, so he wanted to know which foods he shouldn’t eat more. These two kinds of food are called “rotten stomach king”. You can’t eat them every day. To protect your stomach, you must eat less.

some people will find that their nose and wings are red. After a certain period of time, they will still be red, and they are not allergic or this kind of situation occurs. This may represent that the overheating of your spleen and stomach function causes your nose to be red, and it is also accompanied by the increase of your appetite, and you are especially prone to hunger.

if your spleen and stomach are not very good, it is likely to affect other organs in your body, which makes your eyes very tired and can’t see clearly. In this case, there may be something wrong with your spleen and stomach.

eating chocolate can promote the human body to produce a substance, which makes your mood more pleasant. Therefore, many people like to eat chocolate, but chocolate contains a lot of theobromine. The existence of theobromine will make your esophageal sphincter relax, which may lead to acid regurgitation.

soybean milk can be said to be one of the must drinks for many people every day. It is generally believed that soybean milk has great benefits for human body, but soybean milk is also a kind of bean products. Beans contain oligosaccharides, which are very difficult to be absorbed by human body. Therefore, it may produce gas in your intestines, causing you to exhaust.

it’s an old saying that drinking tea can help your health, and drinking tea can also bring a lot of benefits to your body. According to Li Shizhen’s Compendium of Materia Medica, you can add seabuckthorn, barley, bergamot and clove in the water. These ingredients have a good protective effect on your stomach, and also have a good effect in other aspects, so You can make more tea at ordinary times. This is also a recipe for nourishing stomach and taking snacks, which is often said by the old Chinese medicine doctors. The principle of the same origin of medicine and food is as follows:

barley: barley has a good effect in reducing serum cholesterol, promoting cell proliferation, and softening blood vessels, which is conducive to the prevention and treatment of hyperlipidemia and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

through the understanding of various ingredients, it’s obvious how to make your stomach comfortable in the future. If you feel you need this kind of tea, you can click the card below to get it.

summary: from the above, we can know which two kinds of food we should not eat frequently for human body, such as chocolate and beans. In addition to these two kinds of food, there are other foods that need daily attention, so we must pay more attention to our own body and our own body to make it more healthy. Focus