Are bald men smarter, real or fake? If you have any questions, you may as well understand it

Smart is a kind of ridicule to balding men by many people. It is true that some balding men look more shrewd. But judging a person’s inner appearance from the appearance, more or less, will give people a feeling of superstition. Is there any scientific basis for such a conclusion? In fact, it is true. < p > < p > first of all, there are a lot of examples that can be used to support this conclusion. Many people with sparse hair are more intelligent, which confirms the conclusion that bald men are more intelligent. For example, in history, many influential people were bald. In modern times, many hosts and scientists were bald. There is also a physiological reason for this. It starts from the period when the male is still in the embryo. At that time, the male has been secreting a lot of androgen, which is the key to promote the development of the right brain, and the right brain is mainly responsible for image thinking, such as graphics and geometry, so men will be more proficient in mathematical logic thinking, especially those who are prone to hair loss or are already bald Sex is more good at logical thinking and more intelligent. In fact, there is another reason why smart people have less hair. That is, these smart men tend to think more and work harder than others. As the saying goes, those who can do more work are more likely to lose their hair. This is also an important reason why many of the more successful big entrepreneurs are bald. In fact, the reason why men are more intelligent than themselves is that they like baldness. < / P > < p > the first is baldness caused by aging. Due to the aging of the body, the various functions of the body will also degenerate, that is to say, there is no way to continue to maintain the original appearance, so is the hair. Due to the problem of hair follicles, in general, in the middle and old age, many people’s hairline will fall back, especially men, and some of them will lose their hair directly. Therefore, in the middle age, gradually appear hair loss phenomenon, may be more of the performance of aging, of course, there are some smart people. < p > < p > followed by genetic alopecia. This phenomenon often occurs in men in their adolescence, usually in their early twenties, when their hair should have flourished, but the hairline has begun to move back. This situation generally affects their own beauty, after all, in adolescence, everyone loves beauty, and will not damage the health of the body. So if you have hair loss in your youth, it may have little to do with being smart. < / P > < p > finally, it is worth mentioning that if there is abnormal hair loss, such as being young, and there is no genetic history of hair loss in your family, it may be that there are some problems in the body. It is not ruled out that some diseases are attacking. It is better to find out the cause in time and prescribe medicine to the disease, so that the symptoms of hair loss can be alleviated and the health of the whole body will not be affected Kang. < / P > < p > to sum up, it is sometimes reasonable for men to be more intelligent about baldness. However, we should not generalize and ignore other factors leading to baldness, especially adolescent hair loss. We should find out the reasons behind baldness and avoid the attack of some diseases. 08/16/2020