Are you in a hurry? Uzi girlfriend: do I have to send out the report to stop you?

As we all know, Uzi was unable to play because of physical reasons, and finally chose to retire. Uzi also said that he was unable to play because of diabetes, because he should pay attention to rest and not stay up late. However, recently, Uzi was eating barbecue and cold noodles in the live room, which made many netizens doubt whether Uzi really got diabetes. For this matter, Uzi girlfriend responded positively, let’s have a look. < p > < p > in the morning, Uzi’s girlfriend replied in the comments worried by netizens that Uzi’s diet is in line with the doctor’s advice, so that we don’t need to worry. However, some netizens think that Uzi’s condition is fake and misleads the public’s cognition of diabetes. So this afternoon, Uzi’s girlfriend sent another article saying, “do you have to force me to send out the report?”? What on earth is there to fake? Then clarify the truth and attach Uzi’s medical report. PARRENT&CHILDREN