Are you losing sleep again today? Do the following two points, insomnia will not come back

Introduction: there are more and more insomnia patients now. No matter in all parts of the world, we often find some people with dark circles and listlessness. Moreover, there is no age limit for insomnia. No matter children or old people, they may suffer from insomnia. Don’t be afraid of insomnia. We only need to do these two things often. Remember

insomnia It will also affect our work and life. Going back and forth at night without sleeping will certainly have a very serious impact on the next day’s life. However, in order to live, we have to go to work listlessly. This will make our work efficiency significantly decline, and even make our life appear some contradictions.

low back pain is also a common manifestation of insomnia patients. In fact, there are many reasons for low back pain, and insomnia is only one of them. Some manual workers, after a day of physical labor, will also appear some similar phenomenon, this is the human body itself is in a sense of fatigue, but the two are slightly different, after physical labor produced by fatigue can be relieved through a short rest, if it is caused by insomnia, it is difficult to recover and will hold For a long time.

poor sleep will also lead to the phenomenon of our eyesight, because frequent insomnia will affect our eyesight and cause a great impact on our eyes. If there is a similar phenomenon, we must treat it in time.

keeping a good mood is the most important factor for work and Study on this day. No matter how difficult life is, we must keep a positive and optimistic mood to face it. All problems can be solved. Don’t always think about some difficulties in life every day, but carefully find some good things. Before going to bed, we should learn to enlighten ourselves and put down the day The burden and burden of the calendar, to meet the beautiful tomorrow.

we should also pay attention to drinking more water at ordinary times. For insomnia patients, it is because the nerves of the human body are too sensitive. Drinking water can help us alleviate these phenomena. According to Zhou Yan’s article, jujube seed, mulberry leaf, Poria cocos and other food materials can help us to get into sleep. This is also the principle of some sleep boosting snacks commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine, and the principle of medicine and food are the same As follows:

semen Ziziphi Spinosae, Poria cocos, etc. are relatively common, and have a good effect on the treatment of insomnia, can be packaged according to the proportion, bubble on a bag every day, can not only replenish water, but also alleviate insomnia.

conclusion: the decline of work efficiency and backache are common phenomena of insomnia patients. If you are also a person troubled by insomnia, you should always keep a good mood to face life, and you can try to drink some sleeping tea, which has a great effect on the human body.