Arm handstand: use all one’s strength, can’t jump? Eight details, win!

Covering factions: hatha yoga, Iyengar, flow yoga, physiotherapy yoga, Yin Yoga, Pilates, anusala, high intensity interval and so on! These factions, live from time to time, pay attention to the community! < / P > < p > when we first learned arm handstand jumping, we should be very familiar with it. After a long time of practice, there are still many gays who can’t jump. Some of them use inertia, which is very dangerous. The most important thing is that you don’t master the details. < / P > < p > we are often taught to straighten our limbs and press our muscles against our bones. However, when jumping forward from the lower dog in worship, you will get a greater lift if you bend your limbs instead of straightening them. < / P > < p > nardeni, a self styled anatomy geek, said the laws of physics inspired this approach. Bending the arm before straightening it is the key to pushing yourself into the air with the least effort and the greatest joint pressure and the greatest grace, she said. < / P > < p > Nardini listed Newton’s laws of motion, especially for every action, there are equal and opposite reactions. “Nature has been teaching us yoga,” she said “When you press the arm, bending the arm will push it down to the ground, and the ground will give you a push back force, which is rebound.” < / P > < p > when jumping, Nardini recommends relaxing most of your external muscles, focusing on pressing down your hands, and tightening your pelvic floor and upper and lower abdominal muscles. “Focus on your inner body and use the power of physics to push yourself,” she said < / P > < p > as you exhale, straighten your arms while keeping the bottom of your pelvis and lower abdomen away from the mat to relax the rest of your muscles. Nardini said, “focus on the inside of your body, which I call the” deep core line “of the pelvic floor, pelvic floor muscles and psoas, and use the power of physics to push yourself.” < / P > < p > come to the high inclined plate to exhale strongly, straighten your arms, raise the pelvis and lower abdominal muscles, establish the geocentric connection to exhale, and then push back to the lower dog for ten groups to find the feeling between the lower dog and the inclined plate step 5 < / P > < p > in the lower dog pose, keep the big toes of the toes pressed together, deeply bend the arms and legs, inhale in this position and get ready, Nardini said You have to bend your knees to produce a rebound effect. ” < / P > < p > as you press your hands down and lift your pelvic floor and lower abdomen, exhale gently and jump, straighten your arms and move your heels toward your ischium. “Don’t jump too hard,” Nardini said. “The harder it is to jump, the heavier it is, the harder it is to jump.” < / P > < p > the hips may be balanced on your hands, while the heels will be pulled towards the ischium. Don’t rush to pursue a more classic straight leg jump. On the contrary, please master the bending leg jump first. I was afraid and stupid when I first practiced this. Focus