Armani new black tube “water” Lip Glaze light water color retention

Armani beauty has launched a new black tube “water” Lip Glaze, with a new water luster texture and bright luster to create a watery lip. The upper lip is comfortable to touch, light and non greasy, lasting and moisturizing and comfortable. It can finely tune saturated colors to meet different styles and occasions and release attractive signals for a long time.

“the new black tube” water “Lip Glaze instantly shows bright water light and saturated color, and also has a comfortable upper lip touch, and instantly experience the ultimate makeup effect and feeling!”

the new black tube ‘water’ Lip Glaze has a new formula to create a new water light texture and comfortable upper lip touch. Ethyl cellulose is added to the formula to form a mirror like film texture to create a bright glossy lip makeup effect; innovative light touch technology makes the upper lip feel light, comfortable and not greasy; adding highly saturated color developing particles, one stroke is excellent, avoiding multiple overlapping steps; moisturizing and caring lips, lasting moisturizing without lip lines.

the new black tube ‘water’ Lip Glaze innovates the water drop lip brush. The thick brush is easy to get full color. The pointed design can depict the lip shape accurately, and the soft bending design is suitable for application at all angles. An excellent film-forming, showing bright water light. The shell is packaged in high-grade smooth black, with advanced avant-garde signal lattice design, and easy to identify color code and color. The cap is decorated with silver Giorgio Armani, a classic brand logo.

the new black tube ‘water’ Lip Glaze has five fine color matching numbers, ranging from low-key and elegant neutral tone to modern deep red tone. Among them, 400 and 503 are the main promotion color numbers of stars. 400 plasma is red, creating a charming and strong color and releasing attractive signals; 503 rose sweet tea lights up sweet and light colors, sinking heart signal, and star double color releases double kill signal.