Arrhythmia three signs, hope you can pay attention to!

In fact, when the arrhythmia, your body will feel very obvious, you will feel chest tightness, accompanied by some tingling, for people with mild condition, there will be poor spirit, weak situation, may also feel very flustered.

if you don’t pay attention to it now, chest pain will be unbearable when it is serious. Palpitations will occur in a short period of time, and there may be fainting. In severe cases, sudden death may occur, which has a great impact on the body.

after arrhythmia, the normal operation of the heart will be affected, the blood supply capacity will be reduced, and the blood supply to the brain and limbs will be insufficient. Therefore, it is easy to get dizzy, and the hands and feet will be stiff, numb or cramped.

the heart rate of people with arrhythmia is different from that of normal people, and it will increase significantly, which will basically exceed 90. Therefore, it is suggested that those with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems should pay attention to their heart rate, and their heart rate can be tested once a day. If there is something wrong, corresponding measures should be taken.

therefore, in life, we should pay attention to protect the heart, usually pay attention to control their emotions, do not appear too big fluctuations, pay attention to more rest, can improve the body’s immunity, is helpful to the regulation of the heart; < A=“ " target="_ blank" rel="noopener">PARRENT&CHILDREN