As a baby father for three months, Ke Youlun suffered from tendinitis due to wrong posture of holding baby

According to Taiwan media reports, Ke Youlun, who has been a baby father for three months, is enjoying it. He described holding his daughter like “sweet weight-bearing training”. At first, he suffered from tendinitis due to wrong posture. Ke Youlun is proud to say that his daughter will drink a lot if he is fed by himself. However, because he has to hold his daughter for breast feeding and changing diapers, he unconsciously develops a pair of Kirin arms. He describes it as “sweet weight-bearing training”. At the beginning, he suffered from tendinitis due to incorrect posture. He said: “even if the body is tired again, look at her four eyes when feeding her every morning , she immediately showed a smile, any pain, trouble immediately forgotten! It’s only when you are 40 that you really know what it’s like to be melted. ” In addition, Ke Youlun said that he intended to cultivate his daughter as a singer and often sang to her daughter. Now his daughter’s favorite song is his song, “sometimes when she is in a high mood or needs to be pacified, as soon as I hum this song, she will be very attentive to listen, and will swing with the rhythm! It makes me feel a sense of accomplishment in an instant Luanban