As long as you train your chest and make these details clear, you are not far away from a perfect chest muscle!

Do you have your fitness goals after practicing for so long? How far is it from him now? He may be a contestant, an action star, or a fitness net star. You still think that he is far from him.

about chest training, it’s not about pushing the weight up and clamping it up. It seems that everyone is familiar with the training movement, which details widen the gap between the goal and you? Today, the common details of the action out, let you break one by one!

first of all, gradually increase the weight. Some friends only do a little warm-up and start to do 6-8 flat bed presses from the maximum weight – this is a very dangerous thing! It’s easy to tear the chest muscle, damage and even end a fitness enthusiast’s fitness career.

no matter which action, start with the simplest and most relaxed situation, and then slowly increase the intensity. Generally speaking, warm-up before exercise is standard, especially for muscles and connective tissue.

another common mistake is to press a barbell on your neck, known as “guillotine bench press.”. This kind of bench press is very bad for the body and can put pressure on the shoulder joint. The correct way is to lower the dumbbell to the sternum a few centimeters, in the nipple line position.

there are quite a lot of small partners who are not correct in the horizontal push. They can be found in any gym, and some of them will use barbells with excessive weight. Without the help of partners, they can’t do the horizontal push independently, or even twist their body to complete one. As a result, the effect of barbell bench push is too poor.

every movement should be pushed up and lowered in a controlled way. There should be no pause at the highest point and the lowest point, so that the complete movement can be achieved, and the muscles are under continuous tension.

it is very necessary for the development of upper chest muscle. Compared with the basic movement of the treadmill bench push, the upward oblique push is more difficult and causes more pressure on the shoulder.

chest training can’t be without this action. When you’re unfolding your chest, nothing is more attractive than the full upper chest muscles and deltoid anterior bundle connected to the garment rack.

because of body posture, it is not possible to lower the barbell to the nipple line. Instead, it is appropriate to place the barbell 1-2cm below the clavicle.

this action can also increase muscles and improve muscle quality, and it is more natural and has less pressure on shoulder joint. Meanwhile, compared with barbell bench press, the range of action is larger.

if you keep balance, you can also train one side of the muscle, which means that the movement of the muscle is greater. At the highest point of this action, the two dumbbells should not touch each other, otherwise the continuous tension of chest muscles will disappear.

parallel bar arm flexion and extension is a very good training movement. In fact, all fitness enthusiasts need to master the pull-up and parallel bar arm flexion and extension. It should also be added to the training program.

this movement is trained to the whole chest muscle, triceps brachii and anterior deltoid muscle. Avoid locking your elbow when doing this, so that your chest muscles will remain under tension. As for whether or not to increase the load, if you can achieve 12-15 parallel bars arm flexion and extension under the condition of self weight, then you should increase the load.

in order to ensure that the pectoral muscles are trained instead of the triceps brachii, the body needs to lean forward, bend the knees and lower the center of gravity; in addition, be careful not to lower the body too low for deeper stretching. Once it is lower than the lowest point, it will cause damage to the shoulder joint.

increase the fullness and detail of chest muscle. Dumbbell flying bird is a good finishing action of chest muscle training. Because it’s a muscle pulling action, it’s done after all the functional push.

general gantry rope clip chest effect is very good, but I prefer the latest “functional training” type which can set weight and adjust space arbitrarily from floor to top of head.

many partners start to practice rope chest clamping as soon as they enter the gym. This is not a good choice. Beginners need to focus on how to do a good job of pushing, and then increase the chest clamping action when the chest muscles are thicker.

do not ignore the grasp of basic movements, do a good job in effective time, and then seek more new stimulation. As long as you practice your chest well and walk out of the gym, you can make others envy you more! HEALTHY LIFE