As soon as you take off your shoes, your feet stink. Don’t panic: its old enemy is hidden in these four things. I wish you knew earlier

Every time people with beriberi go to other people’s homes, they will struggle about whether they want to take off their shoes or whether they want to bring their own shoe covers. Indeed, the taste of beriberi is difficult to accept, but according to the survey, < / P > < p > beriberi is mainly divided into erosive type, vesicular type and keratotic type, and different kinds of beriberi use different drugs. In life, if people have foot skin erosion or blisters, they can use antibacterial drugs. However, if the foot skin is intact and only beriberi exists, they can take foot bath every day to slowly relieve the symptoms of beriberi. < / P > < p > generally speaking, people who often have beriberi in their life have developed sweat glands, which will lead to their feet in a humid and sweaty environment for a long time. At this time, a large number of bacteria will breed in such an environment, which will lead to irritating smell on their feet, and it will make others feel very uncomfortable when they take off their shoes. < / P > < p > in addition, some people don’t pay any attention to their own maintenance or personal hygiene, and often don’t change their shoes and socks or clean them. This will also lead to the foot in an airtight and humid environment for a long time, which is also very easy to cause the foot to breed bacteria. Once the foot skin is damaged, there will be foot infection, resulting in foot odor. < / P > < p > tea is a very common drink in our home, and the effect of boiling tea in water and then soaking feet is also very much. Tea used to soak feet can prevent chapped skin, and can effectively reduce the foot odor of sweating feet. It is also very useful for the ability to absorb odor. Moreover, people choose to soak their feet with tea, which can dredge the body’s meridians to a certain extent, and play the role of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. < / P > < p > the people with beriberi can sprinkle a handful of salt in the foot water, which can also relieve beriberi. Salt water has a certain effect of sterilization and disinfection, which can effectively eliminate the bacteria or bacteria on the feet, reduce the breeding of bacteria, and effectively alleviate the foot odor. In addition, when people have broken skin on the feet, it is also very appropriate to choose salt water to soak the feet. < / P > < p > after soaking feet at night, people can dry their feet, and then choose to use alcohol to wipe their feet, which can play the role of sterilization and anti-inflammatory. And adhere to this every night, can effectively alleviate the appearance of foot odor. < / P > < p > in life, many people only buy medicine to treat beriberi, but they don’t improve their personal hygiene. Therefore, people need to often clean their shoes and socks. If possible, they can choose to soak the socks with baking soda before cleaning. It can effectively remove the peculiar smell and avoid the recurrence of beriberi. < / P > < p > in addition, if people want to relieve beriberi, they can also choose pure cotton shoes and socks with good air permeability and sweat absorption, which can keep feet dry for a long time and reduce the possibility of bacteria and virus breeding. Moreover, people who are prone to sweating on their feet can try to reduce long-term walking, and then extend their daily exercise time when their beriberi is good. Focus