As the epidemic sweeps across the world, a major discovery of the research team may provide key clues for vaccine development

At present, the research and development progress of new coronal vaccine is the common concern of the whole world. Recently, the successful registration of vaccine in Russia gives people hope. At the same time, the research progress of other vaccines in the world is also very gratifying. Experts say that in the first half of next year, people will see a large number of vaccines coming out. According to the global network, a major finding of the research team may be of great benefit to the research and development of vaccines at a time when the epidemic is sweeping the world. A team in Singapore recently found a group of patients infected with the variant virus, but the strange thing is that the symptoms are not severe in these patients. Experts believe that if we can deeply analyze the mechanism of this situation, it may point out a better way for vaccine research and development. < p > < p > under normal conditions, the rate of new crown variation is very slow. However, once the external environment changes dramatically, the mutation will accelerate. Therefore, in the process of global transmission of the new crown, the rate of variation is also greatly accelerated. Researchers in Singapore found that a mutant virus appeared in the country shortly after the new coronal cases appeared in their country. So they called in patients infected with different viruses, hoping to be able to compare the differences between the variants. And the gap between the two is very obvious, all the volunteers infected with the variant virus, the symptoms are very mild, no need to use a ventilator. And those infected with the original virus, nearly a quarter of them have severe cases. Experts say that the mild symptoms of the mutant virus may be due to the loss of some tissues during the mutation process. This also provides a more convenient solution for the follow-up vaccine research and development, because the current vaccine actually injects a non lethal vaccine into the human body to induce the body’s own immunity to produce antibodies. Therefore, after the analysis of mild neocoronavirus, people may come to the key to control the virus toxicity. However, the researchers say it will take a long time for the virus structure to be analyzed. However, since there are mild viruses, naturally there are viruses with enhanced toxicity. Recently, a mutant virus has been found in Malaysia, which is 10 times more infectious than the conventional strain. < / P > < p > the worry about virus mutation is still widespread in people’s hearts. Although the virus found in Singapore may help vaccine research, there are also concerns that mutations in the virus will lead to vaccine failure. Experts say there is such a possibility, but the probability is still very small. Because the virus in the process of transmission is also in a state of continuous evolution, so that the virus strains conducive to transmission can eventually be retained. Therefore, the viruses that are widely spread in the world are basically mutated in the direction of strong infectivity. However, strong infectivity does not mean that the virus is more harmful. < / P > < p > because according to the current statistics, although the number of people infected with the virus is increasing, the proportion of asymptomatic infected people and mild patients is increasing. This shows that the virulence of most new coronaviruses is not strong, and people need not worry too much about the mutation. And even if the virus mutates, it’s not a problem. People can make vaccines into multivalent vaccines to deal with different situations. To see whether the vaccine will be affected by the mutation, the main thing is to see whether the mutation is the target of the vaccine. < / P > < p > if there is mutation on the target, the researchers should add the part of the mutated vaccine on the basis of the original vaccine. Although this is a bit troublesome, it is still relatively easy on the whole. Now, in the process of vaccine research, countries are consciously avoiding the place where mutation is easy to occur, and try to choose stable protein nodes. With the deepening of the research on virus, the true face of the new crown is gradually unfolding in front of the world. But the who also cautions that countries should not be taken lightly now. Because the virus is still widely spread in the world, people must do a good job in public health protection, not all rely on vaccines. Pigtail is the most delicious way to do, super simple, women often eat, beauty and beauty, delay aging