At the age of 30, Ms. Chen, the first sister of KTV, suddenly began to “keep fit”. It turned out that it was the “credit” of the stomach

Introduction: Ms. Chen Ziqi is only 30 years old this year. She used to be a lady who pursues fashion. However, in her mind, fashion people often go to bars to drink, and often stay away at night. So in her spare time, she will appear in the major bars and KTV. But these days, in the bar and KTV, can not find her figure. And Ms. Chen also pays special attention to the maintenance of the stomach. After the inquiry, she knew that Ms. Chen went to the hospital for examination due to stomachache some time ago, and found that it was because of her bad habits that she suffered serious stomach injuries. Therefore, it is necessary to step up maintenance. < / P > < p > the tongue coating of normal people should be some reddish, and it seems that some of them are slightly red. If such color appears, it indicates that they are in a healthy state, because the tongue has sufficient blood supply. But if we are in an unhealthy state in the stomach and the tongue can’t get enough blood supply, the tongue coating will become very white. < / P > < p > ordinary people’s eyes are always black and white, and they will be very bright at this time. If the stomach function is not good, the eyes will also appear to react, really the eyes will become very gray, and will turn yellow, it seems that the whole person has no spirit. This is because the stomach function is damaged, unable to absorb enough nutrition, and the eyes will turn yellow due to lack of nutrition. < / P > < p > after getting up in the morning, you can take good care of your stomach, because there are many fibers in millet, which can repair the damaged gastric mucosa. This is the effect that the rest of the food can not achieve. Drinking a bowl of millet porridge every morning can also relieve fatigue all night and make the stomach full of vitality. < / P > < p > everyone will have adverse reactions to one or more kinds of food, and the stomach will be stimulated after eating these foods. At this time, we should avoid eating these foods, otherwise it will cause serious damage to the stomach. This is not conducive to the digestion of the stomach, and their own physical conditions. < / P > < p > nourishing the stomach is a long process. You can drink more tea at ordinary times. As long as you insist on it, you can maintain your stomach. Wu Qian recorded that Hericium erinaceus, cloves, seabuckthorn and other food materials played a key role in nourishing and protecting the stomach. Traditional Chinese medicine will also strongly recommend this kind of small food prescription, the principle of medicine and food homology: < / P > < p > clove: this kind of food can inhibit platelet aggregation, prevent thrombosis, and reduce blood pressure. At the same time, it also plays an important role in nourishing the stomach. < p > < p > Seabuckthorn: this kind of food can invigorate the spleen, nourish the stomach, appetizer and dissipate food, and can treat dyspepsia and abdominal pain due to food accumulation. And it also has high medicinal value, can reduce cholesterol, reduce the incidence of angina pectoris, cerebral infarction. < / P > < p > as long as these ingredients can be matched together in perfect proportion, they can be made into small tea bags and can play a significant role. But many people do not know how to make tea bags, so they don’t know how to make them. At this time, the finished tea bags are worth choosing. Conclusion: at the age of 30, Ms. Chen, the first sister of KTV, suddenly began to “keep fit”. It turned out that it was the “credit” of the stomach. In daily life, we should pay more attention to the changes of their bodies. If these conditions happen, it means that the stomach is in the stage of damage. At this time, we need to pay close attention to the maintenance, and do not reduce the serious gastric diseases. 08/17/2020