Attention, men! Shaving also pays attention to, 4 points to remember

Due to the secretion of male hormone, when a certain age, men will begin to grow a beard. For men, beard can be used as a decoration to show their own unique style charm. Some men don’t like moustaches, so they choose to shave them off with a razor. Although shaving looks simple, it also needs to pay attention to some skills and matters. < p > < p > in the day, waking up in the morning is the best time to shave. After the previous day’s growth and overnight metabolism, the beard has grown a certain length. After shaving your beard in the morning, you can meet the new start of the day. Moreover, after waking up, the cells of the body have not yet fully awakened, and the state of the skin is relatively relaxed. Shaving at this time can also reduce the chance of being scratched. < / P > < p > after shaving, the skin just below the beard is exposed. You can use some refreshing skin care products for skin care. Men’s skin oil secretion is more than women’s, refreshing skin care products can also ease the oil on the face. Remember to use shaving water after shaving. You can focus on the skin of the beard area before cleaning. Don’t confuse aftershave with toner. They are two different products. < / P > < p > pay attention to the direction when shaving. Don’t shave on the spur of the moment. If shaving from different angles, it is easy to shave the beard with different length and length, and it is also easy to cause the appearance of inverted beard. In addition, you should also pay attention to shaving. If the posture is not correct or too awkward, it will easily scratch the face in the process of shaving. < / P > < p > when shaving, it is best for each male to use his own razor. Don’t mix it up with others. When shaving, it is inevitable to scratch the skin, if you have hepatitis, the virus will be deposited on it. If you are borrowing at this time, you are likely to be infected. It’s the most comfortable to use your own razor. < p > < p > the growth state of each male’s beard is different. Some men’s beard is thick and hard, so it is always troublesome and hard to shave. Some men’s beard is relatively sparse, hair is not hard, shaving beard is better shaving. Some men don’t have much beard. < / P > < p > there will be different situations, which are related to genes and living habits. If the elder’s beard, hair is more vigorous, then it may be inherited to this factor, the growth rate of beard will be faster. If the father’s beard is not much, it grows slowly. It will also affect the growth of your beard to a certain extent. Men with poor living habits, the endocrine of the body will be affected, which will affect the growth of the beard. < / P > < p > there is also a special case, that is, because of illness, taking drugs that affect hormones. This kind of drugs into the human body, in the treatment of disease at the same time, will affect the secretion of endocrine. After stimulating the excessive secretion of androgen, there will be more beards than usual. 08/16/2020