Attention: woman palace cold is easy to induce these 3 kinds of gynecological diseases! Four tips to keep away from the “cold palace”

In addition to affecting the uterus, uterine cold can also speed up the aging rate of the ovary to a certain extent, resulting in premature ovarian failure, ovarian dysplasia, and decreased ovarian function. Chronic fallopian tube obstruction or adhesion may also be caused by uterine cold. When there is a problem with the fallopian tube, it will affect its ability to transport sperm and eggs. < / P > < p > it is necessary to do a good job of keeping warm if you want to alleviate the palace cold. Some women in pursuit of good-looking, will choose to wear navel, low waist pants, but this is very easy to get cold in the abdomen. Abdominal cold not only makes the stomach uncomfortable, but also has a bad effect on the uterus. Especially in the physiological period, easy to make palace cold even more. Therefore, women must keep their abdomen warm. In addition to paying more attention to clothing, women can also eat some warm things, such as ginger tea. < / P > < p > be optimistic and positive no matter when. Good mentality can not only help to resolve depression, but also help to store Yang Qi, so that the symptoms of uterine cold can be alleviated. Second, adequate sleep is necessary. Girls who have already had palace cold can keep their organs in the best condition by keeping enough sleep, which is helpful for the body to adjust itself and expel cold. In addition, it can also delay aging and enhance immunity. Exercise is the best way to improve immunity. Make sure that half an hour’s exercise every day is good for your health, such as walking, running, etc. In the case of free time, moderate exercise at noon can more easily accept the sun’s Yang Qi. For the girl who has palace cold, keeping healthy exercise in life will be of great help to improve the palace cold. < / P > < p > maintaining healthy eating habits is helpful to reduce the cold in the body, especially during the physiological period. When the monthly physiological period to tide, women with palace cold often appear cold stomach, abdominal pain symptoms. Therefore, special attention must be paid to diet, such as eating less cold and spicy food. Focus