August do not drink milk to drink it, 2 yuan a bowl, tonic and beauty, the child drank long tall

When it comes to black sesame paste, there is always a kind of mother’s taste. When I was a child, my mother would make a bowl of sweet and delicious black sesame paste for me every autumn and winter.

the production method of black sesame paste can be said to be very simple, and it does not waste time. No matter when you want to drink it, you can make it at any time. Black sesame paste contains a lot of nutrients It can help us to invigorate the brain, reduce fat and oil, beautify and lighten spots, and raise hair. Drinking a bowl of sweet and delicious black sesame paste in the morning will make us full of spirit in learning and working.

in the autumn morning, it is inevitable that there will be a trace of coolness on the bed. At this time, smelling the smell of black sesame can instantly stimulate our taste buds. Don’t be too happy to drink a bowl of black sesame paste. It costs more than 20 yuan to buy a bowl of black sesame paste in the dessert shop outside, and only 2 yuan to make it at home. So please come and have a look at your favorite black sesame paste Don’t waste money.

eating black sesame often can help us tonify the kidney, benefit essence and blood, delay aging, and reduce blood fat. Moreover, black sesame research has found that it can treat blood deficiency, tinnitus, deafness, dizziness, hair loss and other symptoms. Black sesame has so many benefits. Let’s take a look at the sweet and delicious black sesame paste. After learning it, you can wake up by sesame fragrance every morning Thinking is also a very happy thing.

1. First of all, we need to prepare the above ingredients: black sesame, white granulated sugar and glutinous rice. After preparing the ingredients, we first need to clean the black sesame and glutinous rice with water, then drain the water and put it in a bowl for standby.

2. Next, we need to prepare a pan. After the temperature in the pan is hot, we put the black sesame seeds into a small fire for stir frying. When stir frying, we must use low heat and keep frying. The sesame will jump in the pan and do not burn yourself.

3. After the black sesame is fried, we need to put it into the plate for standby. There is no drop of water in the plate. At this time, we pour the glutinous rice into the pot and stir fry it with low heat until the glutinous rice blooms.

4. We need to put the roasted black sesame into the cooking machine and grind it into powder. After 10 seconds, we pause, gently shake the cooking machine to shake the black sesame evenly, and then grind it for 10 seconds.

8. If you often drink black sesame paste, you can make more, seal it in a sealed bag and put it in the refrigerator. It’s convenient and fast to take it out next time you drink it. Moreover, the thickness of black sesame paste can be matched according to personal taste. If you like to pour more black sesame paste, you can add light cream to the left back. CUISINE&HEALTH