Aunt Li, 63, reduced triglyceride from 6.0 to 1.8 in three months, and her experience is to stick to one thing

In the past two months, Aunt Li, 63, is in a very good mood. It turned out that two months ago, I went to the reexamination and found that her triglyceride dropped to 1.8, which made her very happy. < p > < p > you know, in the last year, her triglycerides soared to 6.0. Doctors also said that her blood was very thick, and the potential risk of cardiovascular disease was high, which might threaten the safety of her life. In fact, triglyceride is an important indicator of blood lipid in our body. Simply understood, it’s fat content. Our normal triglyceride level is below 1.70 mmol / L, which is the appropriate level. If it exceeds 1.70mmol/l, it should be noted that triglycerides are on the high side. Because of the long-term increase of triglycerides, it is easy to cause the phenomenon of blood viscosity, slow blood rheology and vascular blockage. Thus gradually forming atherosclerosis, inducing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular blockage, insufficient blood supply and other diseases. < / P > < p > if you usually have a normal rest and don’t stay up late, but you still feel tired and weak after getting up, and you have no motivation to do anything, and you can’t make up your strength, you should pay attention to it. This is probably caused by the high triglyceride level in the body. < / P > < p > especially in the elderly, when such phenomenon appears, it means that the lipid content in the body increases, causing the blood viscosity to increase, resulting in slower blood flow rate. < p > < p > therefore, the blood oxygen capacity carried by the body will be abnormal, and the corresponding oxygen can not be supplied to the brain in time. Therefore, there is a lack of oxygen phenomenon, people will want to sleep, powerless, poor spirit and other symptoms. It is normal to snore in sleep, but if the snoring sound is abnormal, such as the breath is unstable, and the snoring is more rapid. And sometimes listen to the feeling that the other party can not breathe, the next second will be out of breath, we should pay attention to. This is due to the high triglycerides in the body, resulting in fat deposition around the neck, resulting in poor throat airflow. Therefore, if there is abnormal snoring, it is necessary to be aware of the high triglycerides. < / P > < p > according to a large number of data statistics, people with high triglyceride in the body, especially the middle-aged and elderly people, will have a lot of color spots on their faces, which is due to melanin deposition caused by abnormal lipid metabolism in the body. < / P > < p > first of all, of course, the most important thing is to pay attention to diet. Because triglyceride formation in the human body, there are mainly two channels, one is the intake of high-fat, high sugar food; the other is the body’s own synthesis. < p > < p > for example, Aunt Li, 63, followed the doctor’s advice and strictly controlled her diet at home, such as white flour, steamed bread and reduced diet. Then add fresh fruits and vegetables, coarse grains and coarse cereals, mainly vegetable oil, and then add appropriate fish and beef, and mainly steamed and boiled in soup. < p > < p > because people with high triglycerides have slower metabolism and higher blood consistency. Therefore, the doctor suggested that Aunt Li take this tartary buckwheat and Huangsang food which can purify blood vessels and dilute blood, which can help the rapid decomposition and metabolism of triglycerides in the body, so as to achieve the goal of reducing triglycerides. If you need help, you can click below to understand: < / P > < p > Aunt Li insisted on drinking lipid-lowering food with water every day. For the first two months, triglyceride decreased from 6.0 mmol / to 3.3 mmol / and after more than 3 months, triglyceride dropped to 1.8 mmol / after more than 3 months. 08/16/2020