Autumn and winter baby skin can be tender? It depends on whether parents help him relieve dry skin

The so-called Spring River warm duck prophet, cold, skin also more than we know “ah, what situation, good dry ah, who to help me?” It is only stronger for babies to feel dry skin than us: their skin is too tender to withstand the seasonal changes of wind, frost and snow Therefore, this is also Xiaonan for the baby’s small tender skin voice, hope to attract parents’ attention. The skin drying is mainly caused by the big environment: autumn and winter, air humidity-1, the skin is stupid, and can not adapt to this change at all, we will feel uncomfortable naturally. For some skin diseases, it is even more frosted. At the beginning of the day, the total sebum content of the baby was quite close to ours. What is sebum? It covers our skin surface quietly, and it plays the role of protection, emulsification, buffering, excretion, antibacterial and biological conditioner. After 1 month, the total amount of sebum of the baby began to decrease gradually. During the whole early childhood, under the control of hormones, the sebum secretion was less, so the skin of the young guys looked delicate and tender, but it was still very dry. The water content of our children is 64% in adults, 69.4% in infants and 74.5% in newborns. After finishing the baby’s skin characteristics, parents would like to know if this “factory configured” skin will happen in autumn and winter. The highest incidence of eczema and frostbite is [/p > < p > P > the highest. Especially allergic constitution baby, if had eczema, once dry autumn and winter, will only return, parents toss up enough. What a smooth little face it was, it was not only ugly but also itchy. The baby would not be able to control to scratch his face. If it was not good for an inadvertent eczema, his face was caught with flowers There are frostbite, especially in the south of our country. If we are not careful, frostbite comes out: the blood circulation of small hands, feet, ears is worse. Especially, the baby wears too little, plays too long outdoors, gloves, shoes and socks are wet and not replaced in time, or clothes and shoes are too tight, which may induce frostbite. It is also common dry desquamation and even slight pain, such as small face and chapped back of small hand It’s all baby skin in a hurry. For example, apply more moisturizer to the baby, and look like it twice or twice a day, which can relieve the itch caused by eczema and eczema, make the baby’s skin moist relatively, and it is not easy to disdain or even chapped. It is not toxic or irritating to skin and eyes to select skin care products for babies. If it is particularly dry, you should choose a moisturizer with less water content and feel the oily moisturizers, such as those containing Vaseline, which can better protect the skin and reduce the evaporation of water. If frostbite is concerned, it is necessary to make the baby wear loose and warm clothes. Wear the hat and gloves before going out. If the underwear socks and shoes are wet, it is better to find a way to replace them and wipe the sweat dry if they are not easy. It is not necessary to bathe every day in autumn and winter. If the baby is not particularly dirty or has a lot of sweat, it can be washed twice a week. It is not too long each time. It is controlled within 10 minutes. Also use warm water, otherwise the skin grease will be lost and only the more dry it will be washed. It is right. If the baby is not particularly dirty, you can slouch off the link of bath lotion or soap when bathing, otherwise, the skin will lose its natural moisturizing layer if it is not particularly dirty. After the bath, the moisturizer should not be less, and soft and comfortable clothing should be worn to reduce the skin irritation and to some extent reduce the loss of water. If it is not enough to moisten and moisturize, it is greasy. It is a little bit more troublesome when applying – not directly, but also massage while applying it. After “horse killing chicken”, the skin can absorb it better, and the baby’s skin can moisturize. It is said that Xiao Nan hasn’t bought a new moisturizer for her baby this year. Chop your hands first. Also wish the baby skin moist and shiny through dry autumn and winter. HEALTHY LIFE