Autumn and winter closed eyes into the series, this few show white do not pick skin mouth red number, “must” have

As the weather gets colder, summer has already slipped out of the stage. Some girls have already started to tidy up the wardrobe, put away the summer clothes, take out the autumn and winter clothes, the wardrobe has been renewed, have you changed your mouth red number? < / P > < p > women always think differently about the red number on their lips. Obviously, they can’t put down the lipstick in their opponents, but when they see a new color number, their eyes will shine and they won’t stop until they get hold of them. Although various brands are constantly introducing new mouth red number, but Xiaobian thinks that the classic color number is more durable. < / P > < p > this lipstick can be called the originator of milk tea color. Although it has been out for a long time, when it comes to lipstick suitable for autumn and winter, this lipstick still ranks first. < / P > < p > it is suitable for daily use. It is low-key but has a good look. It can be used with a white sweater or coat in autumn and winter. You are the heroine of a romantic drama.

moisturizing does not pull dry, lip condition is not good when you can first use lipstick bottoming. Because lipstick itself is lighter in color, so it is suitable for the younger sister with lip color. < / P > < p > this is the same type of color as capsicum. The paste is matte mousse texture, easy to color, high durability and not easy to fade. On the mouth, it has a good smell of chocolate. < / P > < p > this color is suitable for use after full make-up because of its high color concentration. If it is not matched with eye makeup, the contrast is too obvious, which makes other parts appear too weak, so there is no spirit. < / P > < p > although it is Velvet Matte texture, it is very moist. It is easy to apply and smooth to cover lip lines after opening. If you want to feel foggy, you can cover it with a paper towel after coating, and it will be soft focus feeling of matte after coming out. < / P > < p > this thin coating is a warm Dousha red, which can also be used for plain color. It shows the temperament but is not abrupt. The thick coating is reddish brown, which shows a special temperament. The red advanced is not vulgar. < / P > < p > this dry maple leaf color is a high-grade retro maple leaf reddish brown. Although it has been here for a long time, as a classic color, the heat is still not reduced. When it comes to autumn and winter lipstick, you will first think of this one. < / P > < p > this is a moisturizing matte texture with glossy upper lip. It is rich in hyaluronic acid and coated with multi-dimensional matte factor. Although the texture is as rich as cream, it is light and breathable after the mouth is put on, and the nourishing lips are comfortable, so the sense of use is full. < / P > < p > this is a relatively orange brown color, so there is no pressure on the use of yellow skin, thin coating air shows vitality, thick coating advanced retro. Therefore, it is suitable for all kinds of make-up and collocation. It can be a maiden or an imperial sister, both of which are the goddess of temperament. < / P > < p > this is the red brown lipstick of Lancome family, which is rich in chocolate red brown. Everyone’s evaluation of it is “the world shows white and rich flowers”. Therefore, if you want to show white, you must start decisively. < / P > < p > the thin coating is maple leaf reddish brown, and the thick coating is rich chocolate reddish brown, which is particularly impressive. With this lipstick and seaweed like thick hair, it looks like a beautiful woman in the old Hong Kong film, which is shining and can’t be moved. < / P > < p > How can delicate girls get less lipstick? The above is a small series of autumn and winter lipstick recommended for you, quick to see which one is missing in your make-up bag, and arrange it immediately. 20