Autumn diet is particular, remember “eat three fruits, drink three soup”, water to fall dry autumn, do you like to eat

After autumn, the heat gradually subsided, the weather gradually cool up, a burst of autumn wind blowing, suddenly feel much cooler. After autumn, although the weather is cool, but the temperature is still very high during the day, the climate is also very dry, so we should pay attention to the diet in autumn. Autumn is a harvest season. You can eat a lot of delicious food, but you can’t eat it indiscriminately. < / P > < p > after the beginning of autumn, the weather turns cold and the climate is still very dry. Therefore, we should pay attention to the diet. It is necessary to eat more food materials to reduce the dryness and replenish water in autumn. After autumn, we like to “eat three fruits and drink three soup”. Let’s see what the three fruits and three soup refer to ! < p > < p > Ficus carica has always been known as “small sugar bag”. Autumn is the season when a large number of figs are on the market. This kind of fruit has strong seasonality, and can only eat dried figs in other seasons. Fig is rich in cellulose, protein, amino acids, potassium, etc. eating fig can not only promote digestion, but also supplement the potassium needed by human body. It is very suitable for eating after sweating a lot in autumn. In addition to being eaten as fruit, figs can also be dried in the sun. They are very good for soaking in water or boiling soup. < p > < p > pomegranate is my favorite fruit to eat in autumn. Its red shell makes people like it very much. Pomegranate tastes sour and sweet, very appetizing. Pomegranate has always been known as “golden fruit”. As a fruit in autumn, eating fruit in autumn has many advantages. Pomegranate is rich in trace elements, which can meet the needs of most trace elements in our body. Pomegranate is rich in water. Eating pomegranate can play a role in promoting body fluid and relieving thirst, which is very suitable for dry autumn. In autumn, Sydney is rich in water, known as “mineral water growing on trees”. The weather is dry in autumn, and people are easy to get on fire. The most direct reaction is that the throat is uncomfortable and cough is easy. Eat more Sydney, can play a role in reducing dry autumn water, and Sydney soup can also relieve cough, throat discomfort and other conditions. < p > < p > our Chinese people have always had the custom of tonifying with soup. Autumn is no exception. The weather is dry in autumn, and the summer heat is flourishing. You can drink some tonic soup that can reduce dryness and eliminate heat. Here are three kinds of soup recommended to you to see if there is anything you like to drink? < p > < p > lotus root is a kind of seasonal vegetable produced in autumn. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of lotus, and finally you can eat the fresh lotus root you dream of in autumn. In autumn, you should buy more fresh lotus root when you meet it. Then you can go back home to make soup. Lotus root spareribs soup is a very good choice. It can reduce dryness and nourish, and the effect is very good. Both the elderly and children in the family all have a good effect You can drink it. < / P > < p > eating more cold food in autumn is especially easy to cause gastrointestinal discomfort. At this time, we can choose to cook a pot of warm tonic old mother’s chicken soup, with some red dates, fungi, nutrition and tonic, because the hen soup is warm and tonic, and the heat is not very high, so don’t worry about getting on fire! < / P > < p > if you drink too much broth, you will inevitably feel a little greasy. At this time, it is a good choice to have some grain soup. Among them, red bean soup is more suitable for autumn consumption. Red bean soup is rich in protein, fat, carbohydrate, B vitamins, iron, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients. Drinking red bean soup in autumn can reduce swelling, diuresis, and maintain the gastrointestinal function. Adding job’s tears can also help It has the function of dispelling dampness. < / P > < p > after autumn, remember to “eat three fruits, drink three soup”, replenish water to reduce autumn dryness, fall less sick! Friends, where do you have the habit of “eating three fruits and drinking three soup” after autumn? Which of these delicacies do you like best? Welcome to exchange messages! < / P > < p > I’m Xiao Liu. I’m Xiao Liu, a post-90s eater from the kitchen. If you are interested in family food, please leave a message, forward, share and pay attention to it! If you have any family food to eat, you are welcome to leave a message and I will share it with you as much as possible! After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!