Autumn dry, my family love this fruit tea, a cup every day, skin moisture, look better!

Don’t worry about the kitchen road without a confidant. Hello, everyone. I’m Xiaomian. Today, I’d like to share with you the practice of “hawthorn and jujube water”. In recent days, although it is autumn in terms of season, the sun is extremely hot, and it is as uncomfortable as steaming and baking on people. This kind of weather is what we often call the “autumn tiger”. Once it gets powerful, it won’t lose to the sun in midsummer at all. It’s hot and spicy. In this weather, whether you go to work or go shopping, in a word, remember to drink water and drink more water to keep the body’s moisture in balance. In addition, for women, they should drink more hawthorn, red dates, wolfberry or fruit tea, constantly nourishing the body, so that their skin becomes tender and shiny. Today’s “jujube water” is a kind of tea that I often drink for myself and my daughter recently. It’s delicious. How many cups of “autumn tiger” are every day? We won’t worry about our bodies being exposed to the sun. At ordinary times, drinking more water can promote metabolism, promote toxins in the body, and make our skin absorb enough water, which will make our skin more elastic. If we drink less water, we will feel dry and skin on our mouth. Water is the source of human life. People can’t do without water, and even water is more important than food. Most adults should supplement water at least 1.5-2 per day 50. Only in this way can we meet the body’s need for water. If you need to consume water during exercise, and the weather is hot, you have to drink more water. Sometimes drink boiled water is tasteless, do not want to drink more, in fact, you can make some tea with taste. Today, we take hawthorn, red jujube and medlar, like making tea, brew the “three red” with boiling water. Hawthorn can eliminate food accumulation, improve microcirculation, expand blood vessels and lower blood pressure. Red jujube can nourish the spleen and stomach, and it can nourish blood and calm nerves. Wolfberry has good nourishing Yin and eyesight effects. These three kinds of brewing are used as tea every day. Long term persistence can make your face ruddy and skin smoother. < / P > < p > in autumn, I like to drink this fruit tea. It is sweet and sour, and it is not hot to replenish water. Women often drink it well. I choose to drink water every day when I choose the electric kettle. The intelligent constant temperature thermos kettle is white in appearance and beautiful in appearance. It has a texture. The semi open handle is clean and easy to handle. It can be remotely connected to a mobile phone Control, very intelligent, different water temperature can brew different food, with LED display, temperature is completely in control. Autumn dry, my family love this fruit tea, a cup every day, skin moisture, look better! A friend has been drinking tea with jujube, hawthorn and medlar juice all the year round. She has been drinking tea for more than ten years. Now she is in her 40s, but she looks like she has a skin of 245. She feels like she can be a teenager. It can be seen that the effect of insisting on drinking this kind of fruit tea is very effective for women who love beauty. Now I share the practice of “hawthorn and jujube water” to all of you. My favorite friends can follow the recipe to make a delicious meal for family members and care for their relatives. < / P > < p > the inner tank of this kettle is made of food grade 304 stainless steel, with exquisite hemmed spout and scale filter. The minimum capacity of the kettle is 0.5 L, and the maximum capacity is 1.5 L. the LED diaphragm at the bottom shows different colors of water temperature. The temperature will change from white, orange and red with the increase of water temperature. The temperature can be controlled at will to meet different drinking water requirements. Moreover, 180 0W high-power heating can ensure that it burns water more quickly and has long-term heat preservation for 24 hours. It also has a chlorine removal function, which can filter out the peculiar smell in the water, reduce the hardness of water, and make drinking water elegant and healthy. < / P > < p > 3. Start to boil water. Today, you can use the intelligent constant temperature hot water pot of pride’s personal choice. Add appropriate amount of water into the kettle, place the base of the kettle, wipe the power supply, and gently touch the boiling key. The temperature light ring will light up white, and the kettle will start to work. The color of the temperature lamp ring will change with the change of temperature. When the water is heated to 47 ° it will be orange. < / P > < p > 4. The temperature of the water keeps rising, and the speed of boiling water is very fast. Now the temperature is 95 ° and the temperature lamp ring is red. When the water temperature is 100 ° boiling, the power will be cut off automatically. < / P > < p > 5. Pour the boiled water into the cup, stir it with a spoon, and then pour out the water.. < / P > < p > 6. Pour out the water, add appropriate amount of rock sugar according to your taste, add water to the water cup again, stir it gently with a spoon, and wait for the rock sugar to melt. This tea can be brewed several times, and it tastes good. Don’t worry about the kitchen road without a confidant. hello everyone! I’m Xiaomian. Unknowingly, I have been with you for five years! Get along with the day, share food life knowledge, experience food life together! Thank you! Well, dear friends, today’s article will be shared with you. If you have any different views on this article, please post your views in the comments at the bottom of the article, and we will carefully read your comments ~ < A= target=_ blank>HEALTHY LIFE