Autumn is coming. Pregnant mother and Tai Bao want to spend the autumn safely. It is very important to achieve 6 points

After the White Dew, “an autumn rain and a cold”, the weather in autumn has gradually become cool, summer dare not leave, autumn has come, so sooner or later it is a bit cool, but a little hot in the day, coupled with the dry autumn weather, is a high incidence of cold, allergy and other diseases, such a weather for pregnant mothers, quite unfriendly.

but once a mother gets sick and has a cold after pregnancy, she dares not take many medicines. Sometimes she can only carry them. Even if there is medicine, it is impossible to get rid of the disease. It is really very painful to endure the pain of pregnancy or illness at the same time.

the temperature difference between day and night is very big in autumn. The climate is cold and hot from time to time. Pregnant mothers must pay more attention to keep warm and prevent themselves from catching a cold. They should also pay more attention to dressing. Don’t wear too little. When you go out, you should take a coat with you, because the physical resistance of pregnant mothers is relatively weak. If you don’t pay attention, you will feel very vulnerable Risk, so pregnant mothers must pay more attention to the changes in the weather, remember to carry umbrellas or other rain gear, to prevent themselves from being wet by the rain.

in addition, pregnant mothers should try not to live in damp and dark rooms. They should ensure that the room has sufficient sunlight and air circulation. Clothes close to the body must be dried before they can be worn. At home, they should also pay attention to keeping their bodies warm, and try not to let their abdomen catch cold, otherwise it is easy to cause a cold. In addition, pregnant mothers should try not to go out of the house as much as possible, and do not go to places with a lot of people To reduce infection.

autumn dryness is something that many people especially dislike. If autumn is too dry, it is very easy to get angry. Of course, pregnant mothers are not excluded. At this time, pregnant mothers can adjust their diet habits according to their own conditions and climate changes

most of the diet in this season should focus on “removing dryness”, supplemented by clearing and tonifying the cool. Pregnant mothers can eat more white food such as lily, lotus root, yam, pear, etc., which can moisten the lung and prevent autumn dryness. The staple food can boil millet porridge and boil noodle soup and other staple foods. Do not eat fried food, drinks and other food.

for example, cooking some Chinese yam porridge, adding some vegetables, and drinking a cup of milk and eggs are not only nutritious, but also more moist, and will not feel dry.

usually people will say “sleepy in spring and lack in autumn”. In autumn, people will feel particularly tired. The same is true for pregnant mothers. At this time, pregnant mothers must pay more attention to their sleep, try to go to bed early and get up early, don’t stay up late, and it’s better to form the habit of lunch break.

after lunch, our blood goes to the stomach and intestines to digest food, so we feel very sleepy. At this time, we may rest for half an hour to make ourselves in a better mental state and ensure that we have enough sleep. In this way, we can make the baby in the stomach grow healthily, enhance the physical resistance of pregnant mothers, and prevent the spread of various diseases.

after autumn, the weather is getting colder and colder, and pregnant mothers will spend more time at home. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure good environmental sanitation at home.

it’s better to clean the house once a day, clean the sheets and pillowcases once a week, and then put them in the sun or in a washing machine with disinfection function for disinfection and sterilization.

the humidity at home may be relatively low in autumn, so it is easy to produce dust at home. Therefore, we should pay attention to keep the air fresh at home. If pregnant mothers inhale too much dust, mild people will have cough reaction, but severe cases will cause respiratory diseases. Therefore, the family members of pregnant mothers must pay special attention to it.

you can put a humidifier in your home. You can use the steam decomposed by the humidifier to wet the tiny and hard to clean floating dust in the room and let them fall to the ground, reducing the possibility of pregnant mothers breathing in.

in autumn, there are good and bad seasons, and it is easy to affect people’s mood. For pregnant mothers, the mood may be more complex. During pregnancy, the range of mood fluctuations of pregnant mothers will be relatively large, and their happiness and anger will change from time to time, especially prone to depression.

a good mentality is very important for the development of pregnant mothers and their fetuses. Pregnant mothers should learn to adjust their own mentality. After dinner, they can go out for a walk with their families and breathe fresh air, or they can listen to music, do some handwork, and do something they like to do to distract their attention. When the mood is relaxed, the baby in the stomach will also be affected They will be happy, and the parents to be and their families must encourage and care more about their pregnant mothers, so as to ensure that they can live through this “irritable” autumn.

pregnant mothers’ physical strength decreases during pregnancy, and their resistance is very weak. Many people think that it is better to eat, eat, sleep and sleep when they are pregnant, and they can’t do exercise. In fact, this is a wrong view. Pregnant women can only do a small amount of appropriate exercise during pregnancy, not because they can’t get pregnant. These appropriate exercises are very beneficial to pregnant women and Tai Bao Exercise can promote the metabolism of pregnant mother and Taibao, improve the body resistance of pregnant mother, strengthen the immunity of Taibao, let Taibao get better development in the stomach, and lay the foundation for delivery. It is suitable for pregnant mothers to do some exercises such as yoga, swimming or jogging. As long as the physical fitness of pregnant mothers is improved, the babies in their stomachs can grow healthily.

it’s not easy for pregnant mothers to have a baby in October, and there will be a lot of problems during pregnancy, so pregnant mothers must collect more parenting experience to ensure that their babies can grow healthily. CUISINE&HEALTH