Autumn is coming, smart women drink it, every day to eat a bowl, beauty to autumn dry, better than cosmetics

The beginning of autumn is coming, women should drink more soup, soft and smooth, eat a bowl every day, keep your face and go to autumn dryness. Although it is still dog days, but there is less than a week to usher in the beginning of the autumn solar term. The beginning of autumn is the first solar term of autumn, which is the starting point of autumn. It happens to be in the period of midsummer, and it is still a hot and humid climate in dog days. We should not only do a good job in preventing heatstroke, but also lay a healthy foundation for dealing with dry autumn days after autumn. At this time, a variety of heat relieving and dryness removing soup is a very good choice. Our local people especially like to drink sugar water. There are various kinds of sugar water for you to choose from in the morning tea shop and the sugar water shop. The taste and efficacy of the syrup made by different food materials are also different. The sugar water to share with you is peach gum and lotus seed syrup. This kind of sugar water is not only suitable for drinking around the beginning of autumn, but also suitable for all seasons.

August is also the best season to eat lotus seeds. In this season, fresh lotus seeds are on the market. They can clear away heat and heat, and can also nourish the mind and calm the mind. They taste sweet, powdery and glutinous. They are very popular among diners. It is very suitable to eat them in dog days. The main ingredients used in the peach gum lotus seed syrup here are lotus seed, peach gum, sweet scented rice and red jujube. Peach gum, also known as peach fat or peach oil, is light yellow and transparent, with smooth taste and a lot of plant collagen, which has a certain effect on skin beauty. The fruit of Gleditsia sinensis is the fruit of Gleditsia sinensis. It is a kind of food with high dietary fiber, low protein and low fat. Its colloid is translucent, fragrant and glutinous. It tastes very good, and has the function of nourishing skin and helping digestion. These ingredients are boiled together to make sugar water, which can not only relieve heat and moisten dryness, but also beautify and nourish people. Before and after the beginning of autumn, women eat a small bowl every day, which makes people more beautiful.

the method of peach gum lotus seed syrup is also very simple. It is worth noting that peach gum and saponin rice need to be soaked in advance. It is suggested that the hair should be soaked overnight to make the food taste better after being fully soaked, and it is more conducive to digestion and absorption. Peach gum is peach fat will carry some impurities, so you need to clean up after bubble hair, so as not to affect the taste. You can also add some Tremella to cook together, nutrition and taste better. Sweetness can be added according to personal preference. It is suggested that less sugar is more healthy. Autumn is coming, smart women drink it, eat a bowl every day, beauty to autumn dry, better than cosmetics. Let’s take a look at the details.

2. Prepare a casserole for soup making. Put the soaked peach gum, honey locust, lotus seed and red dates into the casserole, and add appropriate amount of water. Bring to a boil over high heat to low heat for 30 minutes.

when the temperature is lowered to a warm state, you can take it out of the pot and serve it on the table. This is a homely version: peach gum, lotus seed and sugar water. It’s so sweet and smooth. It’s also very delicious. It’s about to start autumn. When you have time, you can cook a pot of this sugar water. It’s sweet and soothing. Women can drink more, and it’s one of the things that can’t be missed in dog days and around the beginning of autumn. It’s very simple to make one pot every time, and there’s no drop left. Simple good drink practice to share with you, like can try.

1. Peach gum and saponin rice need to be soaked in advance. It is suggested that the hair should be soaked for more than half a day. Impurities should be removed when the hair is well soaked, so it tastes better.

2. Because the ingredients used here are easy to cook, so cook for 30 minutes so that the ingredients are soft and rotten. It is not recommended to drink in cold storage, and the best effect is in warm state.

3. The ingredients can be matched according to personal preference, and a little Tremella can be added to boil together. The taste and nutrition of the boiled sugar water are also great.