Autumn “it” is a treasure, daughter-in-law will eat 1 times a day, fade the stain, than mask still use.

After the beginning of autumn, women eat it every other day, white face, water spirit, cosmetics are saved! The scorching summer has become a thing of the past. After several autumn rains, the weather is getting cooler day by day. In the north, autumn is a windy and dry season, many female friends’ skin after the autumn wind blowing, it is easy to appear dry and tight, lack of water or allergic phenomenon. After the emergence of these phenomena, many people first think of skin care products, but the effect is not very good, so how to maintain their skin in autumn? Today, I’d like to share with you a little trick. You might as well spend 5 minutes reading this article. < / P > < p > a few years ago, every time in autumn, the daughter-in-law’s skin will always be dry and lack of water. If you don’t apply some moisturizing skin care products in time, there will even be spots, so you will “wrap” yourself every time you go out. Especially in autumn, the dry air will make the skin lose a lot of water, the skin is easy to appear dry, peeling, leading to the production of melanin. Later, my daughter-in-law went on a business trip to make a good friend. When she learned about her situation, she taught her a simple dietotherapy formula. In addition, she used some skin care products every day. In less than a month, dry skin will leave you. Therefore, it is not good to rely on skin care products alone for dry skin. Skin care products can only make skin moist for a short time. In order to keep skin hydrated for a long time Wet, so diet is also very important, which is why many people pay attention to health today. < / P > < p > autumn is a good harvest season. There are many ingredients that can help the skin replenish moisture, such as tomatoes, Luffa, cucumbers, etc., which have good cosmetic effect on the skin, especially Luffa, which is called “beauty water”. Luffa is rich in vitamins, dietary fiber, carotene and many kinds of trace elements. In autumn, the air is dry. Eating Luffa often can moisten the skin. If a woman eats it every other day, her face will be white and smooth. Even the money of skin care products will be saved. There are many ways to eat loofah, which can be used to make fried vegetables and soup. Next, let’s teach you a simple way. If you like, please collect it first! First, wash the prepared tomato, then cut it twice with a knife on the surface of the tomato, put it into hot water, and heat it for 30 seconds, so that the tomato skin will get up by itself, and then cut it into pieces for standby. < / P > < p > 4. Start another oil pan, add appropriate amount of oil to preheat, add scallions to stir fry, and then add tomatoes to stir fry. Do not stir fry tomatoes too long to avoid too much soup. Then add the loofah and stir fry until it is unripe, add the fried eggs, stir fry evenly, add appropriate amount of salt and sugar to taste, stir fry evenly and then out of the pot.

autumn “it” is a treasure, daughter-in-law will eat 1 times a day, fade the splash, than mask still use! If you want to make your skin white and tender in autumn, you might as well try this little trick recommended to you. Only when your skin is moist, can you be a woman with temperament and beauty. < / P > < p > I’m a little monkey who can eat. I share different food tutorials with you every day. If you like, please praise and forward the article! Continue to pay attention to the little monkey, we will be more exciting next time. 20