Autumn, pregnant mother should be careful about the four problems, don’t be careless

Combined with the four seasons of the year temperature conditions, whether pregnant or childbirth, autumn temperature is suitable for mothers is a good opportunity.

but at the same time, the autumn temperature changes repeatedly, and the immunity is relatively low. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to prevent autumn diseases. Next, we will tell you about the four common diseases of autumn pregnant women. Pregnant mothers can be vigilant and be a healthy and happy autumn pregnant mother.

as the saying goes, illness comes from the mouth. This season is when a large number of fruits, fruits and vegetables are on the market. Mothers to be must clean these fruits and vegetables before eating them. Pesticides and germs are easily left on the surface of the peels. When cleaning vegetables and fruits, the peels can be cut off or special vegetable and fruit cleaners can be used.

in addition, the weather in autumn is sometimes cold and hot, so mothers must keep themselves warm, especially if they can’t catch cold in their abdomen, otherwise, diarrhea will easily occur, which will harm their own health and fetal development.

constipation of ordinary people is very uncomfortable. What’s more, if pregnant mothers are constipated, let alone, it will affect the development of their babies in their stomachs.

but constipation during pregnancy is a normal phenomenon. Under the influence of endocrine hormones, a large amount of progesterone secreted by the placenta will reduce the gastric acid secretion and weaken the gastrointestinal motility of pregnant women, which will lead to constipation. In general, if pregnant women do not defecate for two days, they are constipated.

so even if the mothers to be in the third trimester of pregnancy are not able to move, they still need to walk more to prevent constipation, properly supplement cellulose and drink more water to help gastrointestinal peristalsis and promote metabolism, which will prevent and alleviate constipation to a certain extent.

autumn is the season of high incidence of bronchitis, respiratory diseases and pneumonia. Once mothers to be are infected with such diseases, the use of drugs will affect the development of the fetus, and there is a risk of teratogenesis.

in order to reduce the stimulation of drugs on the fetus, mothers to be are very important to prevent respiratory tract infection. Most of these respiratory diseases are transmitted by droplets. Therefore, mothers to be should try to reduce contact with the crowd, keep ventilation and humidification indoors, and pay attention to the respiratory conditions of their nose, throat and throat. If they feel unwell, they should see a doctor in time to avoid aggravating the disease.

generally speaking, pregnant women are less likely to suffer from rubella and cytomegalovirus infection, but once they do, the hospital will recommend termination of pregnancy, because these two diseases are very easy to cause fetal malformation, stillbirth, etc.

it is better for parents to take “Torch” prophylaxis three months before pregnancy, and to monitor the development of fetus after pregnancy, so as to reduce the risk of maternal disease.

prevention is the key to all kinds of diseases. Mothers to be should always pay attention to the condition of themselves and their fetus. If they have any discomfort during pregnancy, they’d better go to the hospital for examination. Don’t be afraid of trouble. 08/16/2020