Autumn: the “golden period” of invigorating the spleen and nourishing the stomach

Introduction: it has been several days since the beginning of autumn, and the hot summer has passed. Although the summer heat is still hard to eliminate, and the weather is still relatively hot, anyway, it is autumn now, and the weather will gradually become cooler. However, the southerners always say that the autumn tiger is very hot, it doesn’t matter. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, this is a good season for nourishing the stomach Let’s have a look.

in summer, because of the hot weather, people may prefer to eat some cool food. In fact, it will damage the stomach to some extent. We do not recommend that people eat more. Then when autumn comes, the cold food can not be eaten. In this way, it is easier to damage the intestine and stomach, and it is easy to catch cold, and it is difficult to drive out the cold. Moreover, the immature food is easy to be infected with bacteria It’s Helicobacter pylori that causes gastritis.

in fact, we don’t advocate overeating at any time, but now it’s very common to overeat. Sometimes, because of work, we can’t eat on time, so the stomach will be in a state of hunger. When we have time to eat, we will eat too much at once, which is very harmful to the intestines and stomach, which puts so much pressure on the stomach and intestines Force, certainly can not accept, so do not overeat.

if you want to have a healthy stomach and intestines, you must not eat some stimulating food. What food is stimulating? In fact, like pepper, too greasy things are irritant food, will stimulate our gastric mucosa, and cause damage, easy to cause gastric ulcer, so eat less of this kind of food.

stomach diseases are usually eaten. Therefore, if you want to have a healthy stomach, you should form a good eating habit and eat less greasy food. In this autumn season, you should eat light food, which is conducive to digestion and absorption of the stomach, and will not cause a burden on the stomach. It is suggested that you can eat some fruits, such as apples, which can nourish the stomach.

in summer, the weather is hot, and many people have poor appetite, so they will not eat on time and eat less. But in autumn, we can’t do this any more. We must eat on time. On the one hand, it can supplement the nutrition lost by the human body in summer, and on the other hand, it is also a kind of protection for the stomach.

in autumn, if you want to nourish your stomach, you must drink more water, but if you want to have a better effect, you can try a small prescription of nourishing stomach and dietetic therapy given to us by traditional Chinese medicine. In it, it is written that the nourishing stomach tea is made from Hericium erinaceus, Hippophae rhamnoides, clove, barley, bergamot, orange peel, hawthorn and jujube, which can be drunk frequently. They have these functions respectively The process of making tea bags is more complicated. A tea bag can solve the problem of making tea bags. When drinking, you can take out a bag and brew it. You can drink it in about five minutes, which is very convenient.

conclusion: to grasp the “golden period” of nourishing the stomach, it is not difficult to nourish the stomach in autumn. It is not difficult to do these three things, and the stomach is healthy and sick less. I hope you can seize this time period, protect your stomach, and do less harm to the stomach. Autumn is the “golden period” of strengthening the spleen and nourishing the stomach. This “water” is open to drink, and stomach diseases dare not come. Your name will always exist on the Internet