Autumn, this soup women often drink, every time a bowl, heat detoxification, whitening light wrinkle show young!

Not long after the beginning of autumn, the temperature has dropped a lot. I don’t know how everyone’s health is after a big season change. Keeping healthy is the most important point in our life. I’m one of the lucky ones. In fact, during the season change this year, we have paid much attention to the measures of keeping warm, but we still have a cold, and the fire on our body is very big recently. I’ve been eating gunpowder for several days, but the effect is not obvious. < / P > < p > I have a friend who is thin and has poor resistance. In addition, he has children in his family who need to be taken care of. He is very busy and has no time to pay attention to his body. It is in this process that hateful viruses find opportunities. Although it’s no big deal to have a little cold, it’s really ourselves who suffer. < / P > < p > also, in northern China, it is usually very dry in winter. For female friends, this is not good news, because female friends pay great attention to skin maintenance and moisturizing. Once the weather is dry, keep replenishing water. If the body is dry, the skin will be dry, so there is no way to solve it for a while. < / P > < p > the pursuit of girls is really simple, good skin and delicious. Even if the body is not particularly perfect, you can feel happiness and happiness steadily. So bad skin is a big thing for girls. Especially when the weather is so dry recently, we should pay more attention to skin care. In fact, many people should know that skin care not only depends on some cosmetics, but also some skin care products, which can play a greater role in diet. < / P > < p > as long as we can eat right, using the right method can also have a very good effect on skin maintenance. In other words, people with good skin generally eat very healthy. So we have to learn! Not only good for the body, the skin can also be tender! Towel gourd is often eaten by big families, but it is also very beautiful, and it is a good choice to drink some towel gourd soup at this time. This secret has just been discovered. < / P > < p > I used to eat more, most of them are fried loofah, which is a delicious stir fried dish with some shredded meat. But since autumn, I always want to make some soup, so loofah soup is a treasure I get. Because it can not only remove the fire, but also has a good maintenance effect on the skin. < / P > < p > Luffa is a favorite vegetable. Eating more Luffa can improve skin condition and reduce wrinkles. It’s cold in the morning of autumn. It’s delicious to make an egg towel gourd soup. It’s warm after drinking. It can also remove the heat, reduce our illness and maintain our skin. It’s the best choice to drink soup. Luffa is also very easy to buy. When we go to the market for fresh Luffa, we make it well the next morning, and egg flower is also very easy to play. However, some friends still can’t do it, so I’ll tell you the specific method. < / P > < p > there are two important points in making this dish. The first point is that when we beat the egg liquid, we must mix it evenly, so that the egg flowers will look good and drink well. For example, some friends, when they make egg soup at home, beat the eggs, but they can’t see or drink them, so they don’t call the egg flowers. You can master this skill with a lot of practice. The second point is that when making soup, loofah must master the heat and know when it is cooked. This is very important. If it is cooked for a long time, it will not only taste bad, but will become particularly bitter. Luffa will go bad. So we must grasp the time. < / P > < p > for the Luffa we bought, peel it first. Personally, I prefer peeling. If some friends like to eat with their skins together, they should wash the surface clean, because there will be some pesticides. Then cut it into hob pieces. Towel gourd can taste and lick the skin before making. If it’s especially bitter, we don’t want to eat it. To make this soup, let’s fry the pan first. After heating the oil, put the towel gourd into the pot and stir well, then add water to boil for a period of time, then the water boils. We beat the eggs in the bowl, then put them into the pot and stir them evenly. < / P > < p > the loofah and eggs are in the pot. After boiling, we can taste the loofah. If it feels very soft and waxy, it means that it has been cooked. If there are still some hard ones or some sour ones, it means that it needs to be cooked for a while. Home