Autumn tiger! These tips make you fall

Introduction: Autumn gas is new, and summer heat is still there. This is a good time to keep fit. What health knowledge do you need to know when you have a good time in late summer and early autumn? From summer to autumn, summer heat will be replaced by cool autumn. However, the beginning of autumn this year is before the end of the day. Therefore, we should pay attention to heatstroke prevention. As for the health preservation in summer, it is said that we should “lie down at night and get up early. We should not be tired of the day, so that we will have no anger, make our Chinese English beautiful and let our Qi drain.”. In the late summer and early autumn, people still need to calm down and reduce dryness and fire. Originally the weather is very dry, if the person is very impatient again, is it very hurtful? < p > < p > in early autumn, Yin Qi breeds, and people’s work and rest can also be adjusted, such as going to bed earlier, getting up later, and complying with the flow of the season. Yang Qi is still enough, conform to the final filling of Yang Qi! Don’t be afraid of the sun during the day. Sometimes people still need to bask in the sun. Keep the mood happy and comfortable, so that the mood like flowers, breath is very comfortable, can flow freely. There are some high welfare countries in northern Europe, and people live a comfortable life, but why is it a high incidence of depression? My friends over there told me that the sunshine time is too short. Although people are tired of summer, feel too hot. But if there is no big sun to roast, it is not suitable for people to raise Yang. The weather is still hot in early autumn, and people are easy to get cold. Although people feel comfortable, it is not good for their health. You can have a meal of instant boiled mutton for a family, which can spread the cold in the body and dredge the muscles and veins. This is the same as “eat radish in winter and ginger in summer”. < / P > < p > after most of the summer, the human body lost a lot of protein. Therefore, in early autumn, eating some chicken properly is helpful to replenish physical strength. It can not only warm up Qi, replenish essence and add marrow, but also strengthen muscles and bones, activate blood circulation and regulate menstruation. According to traditional Chinese medicine dietotherapy, eating beef in cold winter can warm the stomach and is a good tonic for cold winter. Beef can nourish the spleen and stomach, strengthen muscles and bones. So it’s a good choice to eat beef in autumn. < / P > < p > those with spleen and stomach deficiency and cold can also drink dandelion black tea, which can greatly reduce the body cold. Dandelion, known as “natural antibiotic”, is effective for all kinds of chronic inflammation and can fight against the inflamed situation in early autumn. Early autumn, with dandelion bubble water, can go to fire anti-inflammatory. < p > < p > perilla is a good Chinese herbal medicine, which can produce sweat and relieve the surface, relieve the anger, strengthen the spleen and remove dampness, prevent heatstroke and cooling, and prevent wind cold and cold. Perilla leaf boiling water, can be used as a regular natural Qushi Jieshu, anti cold drinks. < p > < p > “the underlying autumn is near, but the fan is getting sparse.” The end of the season has passed, and autumn has come. Seize the opportunity of health preservation at this time to settle down and prepare for the coming of the next season. Focus