Autumn to prevent “autumn tiger”, 30 years old often eat 5 kinds of fruit, autumn tiger into a small cat

It’s autumn of the year again. When it comes to autumn, we often hear old people say that “autumn tiger” is coming. Many people are unfamiliar with the word “autumn tiger”, but some people are familiar with it. Most of the people who are familiar with it are those who are hurt by it.

autumn tiger is a short-term heat recovery weather after summer and autumn when the weather cools down. This repeated heat recovery weather will cause great harm to people’s health. At this time, we should pay special attention to health care to prevent autumn tigers from harming our health.

during the “autumn tiger” period, as the weather has gradually become cooler, the temperature difference between morning and evening of the day will be very large, and the humidity is also very heavy. We should pay special attention to the invasion of dampness evil. Once the dampness evil is focused on, it will not only affect the body’s posture in the whole autumn, but also affect the whole winter, and all of them will feel uncomfortable because of the dampness.

in the autumn tiger period, autumn dryness is also a manifestation of autumn tiger. It will make people’s body immunity become low, and the upper part of the body is more likely to get on fire, dry mouth, dry mouth, toothache, and even cold, sore throat and other symptoms, which bring inconvenience to life and work.

that’s why when it comes to autumn, old people often say that we should prevent autumn tigers in autumn, and especially for people after 30 years old, we should pay special attention to the harm of autumn tigers. Autumn to prevent autumn tiger, 30 years old often eat 5 kinds of fruit, autumn tiger into a small cat.

why 30? I feel like I’m only 30 years old, and the recently popular TV series “30 just” also makes people think that their life has just begun, which is only 30. Is it time to start the time of “when people are middle-aged, they have to soak wolfberry in the thermos cup”?

back to reality, according to the development of human life cycle, after the age of 30, whether we admit it or not, all the functions of the body have begun to change quietly. It will change our face, change our physical state, and our energy will decrease year by year. If we don’t pay attention to this time, our health will also change It’s falling rapidly.

in this time period of “autumn tiger”, how to pay attention to maintenance after the age of 30? We should often eat five kinds of seasonal fruits in autumn, generate fluid to quench thirst, moisten the lung and nourish the stomach, so as to turn the autumn tiger into a small flower cat.

autumn dryness is the most common occurrence in autumn tiger season. Eating fruits has a good defense effect on autumn dryness. First of all, Qiuli is indispensable in autumn, and it is also the most suitable civilian fruit to eat in autumn, especially in autumn tiger season. Eating it often can not only replenish the body’s moisture due to returning to the tropics, but also clear away heat, calm down, relieve cough and relieve constipation The effect is one of the indispensable fruits in autumn.

grape, in ancient times, because of its high nutritional value and low yield, only nobles could eat it at that time. But now, with the large-scale planting, it can be said that everyone can afford to eat. In the autumn tiger season, eating a little grape often can replenish qi and blood, promote body fluid and eliminate food, alleviate fatigue, which is an indispensable fruit to prevent autumn tigers.

Zizyphus jujube, according to traditional Chinese medicine, is to nourish blood, calm nerves, and replenish qi. In fact, in addition to these, jujube is also a very important fruit to prevent autumn tigers. When autumn tigers come, they are easy to dry in autumn. Eating jujube can reduce the harm of autumn dryness on the body, and it can also strengthen the spleen and nourish the stomach.

hawthorn is also a kind of fruit in autumn. Eating Hawthorn in autumn has a good effect on preventing autumn tigers. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that in all seasons of the year, spring rises, summer grows, autumn harvest and winter storage. Autumn is the harvest season. People and nature echo each other. Therefore, diet should be less pungent and sour, so as to help the body to adapt to the seasonal changes and play a convergent role. If you put it on porridge, you can also relieve the greasiness , reduce blood fat, prevent autumn tiger, hawthorn is a good choice.

citrus is a kind of sour, sweet and delicious fruit. In traditional Chinese medicine, there is a medicine called tangerine peel, which comes from the peel of citrus. To prevent autumn tigers from eating citrus, it can relieve the dry mouth and dry throat caused by autumn dryness. Eating citrus often can also prevent depression and chest tightness caused by depression. Privacy Policy