Autumn women love beauty, suitable for eating four kinds of food, beauty care, anti-aging, skin more tender

Lantern fruit is a kind of fruit with rich nutrition. It is rich in vitamin C and iron. It has the effect of replenishing qi and blood. People with anemia can eat more. Also rich in vitamins, minerals and other trace elements, with the role of enhancing human immunity. Delicate skin, can maintain the skin whitening effect.

peach is a kind of fruit with high nutritional value. Especially for female friends, it contains glial substances, which can help prevent constipation and help detoxify. It can help to enhance skin elasticity, moisturize skin, and has the effect of beauty and skin care. It contains unsaturated fatty acids and a variety of monosaccharides to control blood sugar and reduce blood fat. It can make people feel full, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, help digestion, so as to help lose weight. It can also increase the flow rate of red blood cells in liver microcirculation and promote bile secretion.

ergosterol contained in Lentinus edodes can be converted into vitamin D in human body to prevent rickets in children. The polysaccharides in Lentinus edodes have anticancer effect. It can nourish the liver and kidney, spleen and stomach, and Qi and blood. It has the functions of resolving phlegm and regulating qi, strengthening stomach and strengthening toxin. At ordinary times, this kind of food can be used to regulate and prevent various adverse symptoms, such as human body weakness, loss of appetite and stool dryness. The effect is very obvious. It can nourish blood, nourish skin and improve physique.

the flesh of Rosa roxburghii Tratt is rich in vitamin C, which is a kind of food with rich nutritional value. Also contains polysaccharides and vitamins, easy to be absorbed by the human body, can play a role in improving appetite and protecting the liver. It has the function of dispelling wrinkles, lightening spots, detoxifying skin care and delaying aging. Therefore, Rosa roxburghii Tratt is a kind of food tonic fruit with strong body, beauty and beauty. Skip to content