Autumn yam has a new collocation, ensure nutrition, but also fall autumn dry, can not miss a soup

Autumn this delicious can not be missed, yam with it, more delicious than beef, eat whitening beauty. Vegetables alone cooking seems too monotonous, not grand enough, so we should know how to match. < / P > < p > with a kind of work that edifies people’s sentiment, it is not just a casual stir fry of meat and vegetables. Collocation is to pay attention to the color, taste, nutrition of each other, the integration of smell, seasonal changes and so on. For example, tomatoes and eggs fried together is very good; if the luffa and eggplant are fried together, it will be soft and tasteless; another example is that tomatoes and cucumbers look red and green, but the food is mutually exclusive, can never be eaten together; another example is that yam and carrot together will destroy vitamin C, which is not a good food match. < / P > < p > relatively speaking, meat and vegetable collocation is relatively simple, and there is a lot of randomness. There is no need to think too much about it. As long as they are cooked together by cooking, the taste is not bad, which is a bit like love at first sight. For example, beef brisket can be stewed with many vegetables, such as radish stewed beef brisket, potato stewed beef brisket, onion stewed beef brisket, celery stewed beef brisket, tomato beef brisket, etc., the practice is the same, but the taste is different, mainly due to the different side dishes, the taste changes accordingly. This is also the advantage of meat and vegetable collocation. Yam is now a common vegetable, which contains a lot of mucin. Its tubers contain crude protein, crude fiber, starch, sugar, ash and a variety of trace elements. At the same time, yam contains essential amino acids for human body. Eating yam can help to enhance human immunity, keep fit and delay aging. Nowadays, it is the time for people to get rid of summer heat. Yam can help people to reduce autumn dryness, and can also play a role in whitening and beautifying the face. Of course, we need to work hard on the collocation. We use water duck or Muscovy duck to stew soup. As for which kind of duck to choose, we will decide according to personal taste. There are two reasons for choosing duck meat: < / P > < p > 2. The fat content in duck meat is less, and the meat is moderate and evenly distributed. Most of the fatty acids in duck meat are unsaturated fatty acids, which are easy to digest and release delicious taste. They can enhance people’s appetite when they hit yam. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the content of saturated fatty acids in duck meat is significantly lower than that in pork and mutton, so duck meat is selected decisively. < / P > < p > the preparation work is very simple, the yam peeled hob cut into pieces, and then soaked in water. Be sure to soak in water, or it will turn black soon. The oxidation rate of yam can be seen by naked eyes. < / P > < p > the whole dish doesn’t need any extra seasoning. The combination of yam and duck meat is very fresh, just need ginger to remove the fishy smell. The original flavor of food materials can be seasoned with each other, so as to give full play to the true taste of food. Have you learned this yam duck pot? Don’t miss this dish this autumn. It’s a dish that will make your cooking skills soar. Focus