B ultrasound is a new choice for pregnant women? What’s the difference between the two?

If you want to know the health of your baby, it is very important to do a good job of prenatal examination. Regular prenatal examination is an essential part of every pregnant mother, and it is also a must. < p > < p > because she had no experience, she only knew that B-ultrasound examination should be done after pregnancy, so yunyun went to the hospital to make an appointment for a pregnancy check-up. The first pregnancy test was inexperienced, and unconsciously chose the negative ultrasound examination by default. < p > < p > when yunyun walked into the B-ultrasound examination room happily, the doctor looked at the appointment form, took out the ultrasound probe, and yunyun was in a daze. “B ultrasound is not all to check the stomach? What is this for? ” Yun Yun asked. < p > < p > because of the negligence at that time, he made an appointment for a vaginal ultrasound examination, and yunyun had to accept it reluctantly. But after the examination, yunyun, whether psychologically or physically, has some discomfort, and feels that the baby may have been hurt. < / P > < p > the first examination during this period can exclude ectopic pregnancy. The first check-up is very important. In life, some pregnant mothers go only after two or three months of pregnancy. In fact, it is not safe. The incidence of ectopic pregnancy in China accounts for about 2% – 3%, and there is a rising trend every year. For the health of the baby and the pregnant mother, the pregnant mother must grasp the time to do the examination. < / P > < p > if pregnancy is confirmed, B-ultrasound examination can be carried out to observe the condition of gestational sac, to confirm whether it is multiple or single fetus, anterior or posterior wall of uterus, and to exclude the possibility of ectopic pregnancy. < / P > < p > abdominal ultrasound is abdominal B-ultrasound, the inspection probe will be placed on the lower abdomen of the pregnant mother, through ultrasound examination, can check many parts of the body. For example: liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen and kidney, prostate, uterus and its accessories. Vaginal ultrasound is also called vaginal B-ultrasound or intracavitary B-ultrasound. The probe will be placed in the vagina or rectum, and ultrasound will be used for inspection. The examination site is in the uterus and its accessories, ovary, etc. < / P > < p > preparation before examination: it is necessary to hold urine and drink as much water as possible before abdominal ultrasound examination; it is necessary to empty urine before vaginal ultrasound examination. Examination location: abdominal ultrasound probe in the lower abdomen, vaginal ultrasound probe will extend into the vagina or rectum. Examination of the crowd: abdominal ultrasound more extensive, as long as you can hold urine successfully, almost can do. But Yin ultrasound is different, some people can not do. For example: there are bleeding, vaginal diseases, virgins, unmarried women and so on. Examination scope: abdominal ultrasound examination site is more extensive, and Yin ultrasound mainly examines female diseases, and the examination is more accurate, and can check some diseases that abdominal ultrasound can not detect. 2) How to choose: < / P > < p > when you are 5-8 weeks pregnant, the baby’s size is too small. The examination needs to be observed through the meat on the stomach, which may not be able to see the baby’s position clearly and affect the accuracy of the examination. However, some pregnant mothers have some concerns about vaginal ultrasound, and they think that it will be uncomfortable and may affect the baby, and even suspect that it will cause infection. Pregnant mothers really want more. The spontaneous abortion rate of pregnancy is about 10% – 15%. Some pregnant women are in the vaginal ultrasound examination, there is a miscarriage, identified as the problem of the examination, in fact, it is not so, do not blame the examination again. As the saying goes, “what suits you is the best.”. No matter what kind of inspection method you choose, as long as it is suitable for yourself, it is the best to observe the baby’s development. Finally, remind pregnant mother, must be on time delivery examination. 08/16/2020