Baby born with a birthmark, the reason most people do not expect, Baoma: long in the face all blame me

Fortunately, after three months, Xiaomei’s condition gradually improved and she was able to eat something. Xiaomei loves to eat rice noodles before she is pregnant. She can’t eat anything during her pregnancy, but she is greedy. So Xiaomei always takes advantage of her husband’s absence. Ten months soon pass. Xiaomei gives birth to a male treasure, but her family is not happy when the baby is born. Because the baby is good everywhere, there is a very obvious birthmark on the face. Although the doctor said that the birthmark can be removed by medical means when the child grows up, the parents are still worried about looking at the birthmark.

when the family asked the doctor why the baby had a birthmark, the doctor’s words cooled after hearing Xiaomei. The doctor said that the reason why the baby has a birthmark is actually related to the diet of the pregnant mother. If the pregnant mother eats some messy food when she is pregnant, it is easy to affect the baby.

after listening to the doctor’s words, Xiaomei remembers that she ate rice noodles all day when she was pregnant. Now she really regrets it! If I had not been so greedy and had a good meal, maybe the child would not be like this now.

in fact, it’s not surprising that children now have birthmarks, because eight out of 10 children born have birthmarks. It’s just a matter of the weight and location of birthmarks.

in fact, the birthmark on the baby is related to the trace elements in the body. The lack of trace elements affects the synthesis of body pigment, so the baby’s body will appear one spot after another. For example, some pregnant mothers like to eat off-season fruits and junk food. When these foods are ingested into the body, they affect the synthesis of pigments.

some pregnant mothers don’t delay their love of beauty during their pregnancy. They have nothing to do all day. They either paint their eyebrows and eyes with thick cosmetics, or go to a manicure shop to have a manicure, or go to a barber shop to have their hair permed and dyed. Pregnant mother is beautiful after straightening, but pregnant mother’s nails and hair contain a lot of chemicals, which will affect the healthy growth of the baby.

some pregnant mothers don’t pay attention to their living environment when they are pregnant, some stay beside machines with serious radiation all day for work, or stay in factories with serious pollution. In a word, these environments are particularly unfavorable for the growth of babies. Inhaling contaminated gas is also easy to cause birthmarks on babies.

when some pregnant mothers are pregnant, they stay at home all day and have nothing to do, leading a chaotic life. During the day, if you want to eat, you can eat and sleep. If you eat enough during the day, you can wake up at night without any drowsiness. So the pregnant mother spent the night chasing drama to kill time. This kind of irregular work and rest is particularly unfavorable to the growth of the fetus.

some pregnant mothers are very hypocritical when they are pregnant. They don’t eat this or that, or they are afraid that the food they eat during pregnancy will make them grow too much meat, so they always pick and choose what they eat. The pregnant mother’s body is preserved, but the fetus in her belly is not well nourished, so the fetus will not grow well if it is malnourished.

pregnant mothers should pay attention to proper exercise when they are pregnant. When they are pregnant, they should not regard themselves as giant pandas. They think that lying all day is good for the fetus. In fact, proper exercise can not only prevent dysthymia after the birth of the fetus, but also contribute to the smooth delivery of the pregnant mother.

pregnant mothers should not feel that they are pregnant, but take the family’s love for them as a bargaining chip. Some pregnant mothers only care about their own happiness and comfort, completely ignoring the comfort of the fetus in their belly, and always do something harmful to the health of the fetus. I would like to say that although the pregnant mother is pregnant, there is nothing wrong with me, but when the fetus is born with a pregnant mother’s silly eyes, the fetus is healthy. In case the fetus has some problems, the pregnant mother will regret it. Focus