Baby care hot search: carcinogens detected in imported maternal and infant products

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recently, a number of South Korean breast-feeding pillows have been detected to contain carcinogens, and the “halo” of imported maternal and infant products has been questioned by consumers Let’s see.

recently, the South Korean consumer’s Hospital conducted safety inspection on 16 popular breast-feeding pillows in South Korea, and found that 7 products contained harmful substances. Among them, lead content in zipper handle of three products involved in the incident exceeded the safety standard by 3.1 times, and formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds were detected to exceed the standard in the remaining four products. The heavy metal lead detected in the relevant products exceeded the standard, which was clearly classified as carcinogen by the World Health Organization. Long term accumulation in the body may directly or indirectly induce children’s mental decline, anemia and muscle weakness. It is understood that baby pillow is a kind of postpartum mother tied in the waist, used to assist lactation of a multifunctional pillow pad, is a Korean mother’s daily child care products.

recently, Guangzhou Huadu police rescued a child under 2 years old. After receiving the police, the police identified the suspect woman through investigation. After abducting the boy, the woman simply changed clothes, wrapped the child in black cloth and took it out. She fled by car. After 11 hours of follow-up, the police in Qingyuan Yingde City will be the suspect package control, the child was recovered. At present, Bao has been detained according to law for suspected abduction and trafficking of children.

on August 14, a high-rise community in Xi’an threw money, and a hundred yuan banknote floated down from the upstairs. Informed sources revealed that the 2-year-old child of a property owner dropped 10000 yuan in cash. Parents of the children said that the day the windows were opened to breathe, and the children scattered the spare money at home. As of 14:35 on the 15th, a total of 4200 yuan had been recovered. Thanks to the people who collected the money and returned it.

Wang Ling’s 4-year-old daughter Xiaoping studies in the middle class of dinijin Apple kindergarten in Machang District, Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province. Because of her small food intake, she failed to finish her lunch. She was left by the kindergarten teacher on the second floor of the classroom for reflection. Later, she was mistakenly locked in the next room. Half an hour later, Xiaoping climbed over the window and the guardrail and fell to the first floor, causing serious facial injuries. According to the hospital diagnosis, Xiaoping was suspected of mandibular condyle fracture and soft tissue injury on the left side. Her chin was knocked through by the upper teeth from the inside to the outside, resulting in penetrating laceration, two front teeth falling off and the whole mouth teeth loosening. Seeing the surveillance video, Xiaoping packed her schoolbag and climbed through the window. Her mother, Wang Ling, was heartbroken. “The other children are coming home with their parents downstairs, but our children are locked in the room alone. The teacher also told us to pick up the child 30 minutes later. In this time, how scared the child is to climb out of the window.” Fortunately, when Xiaoping fell from the building, she fell on the electric car downstairs, otherwise it might endanger her life. After the incident, Wang Ling and her family demanded that the kindergarten principal and relevant teachers be held accountable, but only the teacher of the main class involved was dismissed, which made the parents unable to accept, “the accident of the child first shows that the kindergarten has dereliction of duty in supervision, and after the incident, the kindergarten conceals the cause of injury, resulting in delayed treatment, which shows the confusion and dereliction of duty of kindergarten management.” On August 17, a deputy director of the Education Bureau of Machang District, Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province, who was in charge of handling the incident, responded to surging news that the Education Bureau had made it clear that this was a serious accident and that kindergartens were responsible for the accident. However, how to determine the nature of the responsibility has not yet been determined.

recently, in Jining, Shandong Province, 8-year-old Zhao Yuchen has become popular on the Internet because of his neat handwriting and his typeface is comparable to that of print. His mother said Zhao Yuchen began to learn to practice calligraphy at the age of 7. Now he can practice calligraphy for half an hour every day. His academic performance is also good, ranking at the top of the class. Mother also said that the secret of children’s writing is patience and observation. Netizen: other people’s children’s characters are engraved, and their own children’s characters are like ghost symbols. I want to change them.

Gong Xiujuan, the director of the general affairs office of a primary school in Jiangyin, embezzled 1.31 million yuan of food expenses for students for more than a year by taking advantage of her position, which was equivalent to 8.5 yuan per day for each student. In January 2019, Gong Xiujuan was sentenced for five years and fined 300000 yuan. All illegal income was seized and returned to the school. Subsequently, Wuxi Municipal Party committee carried out special inspection on 671 canteens of 568 public primary and secondary school kindergartens, and carried out school canteen governance reform.

recently, a mother in Wuhu, Anhui Province, shared a warm video. The father of the child is on duty on the flood prevention dam. He and his daughter have an appointment to report safety with a flashlight. Father on the dam, daughter in the 28th floor, a bright and dark light like a twinkling star. Netizen: This is the most beautiful joint code.

at the book store of the branch venue of Shanghai book fair, children’s literature writer Shen Shixi introduced his new cartoon version. Not long ago, some scenes in the work that describe animals’ attraction to each other caused controversy. In this regard, Shen Shixi said that such a description would not hurt the great. “Of course, some parents and some teachers may feel that this is not suitable for children who are too young to read. Then we will also make some corrections, for example, the publishing society requires me to make some modifications, blur or remove sensitive sentences Pigtail is the most delicious way to do, super simple, women often eat, beauty and beauty, delay aging