Baby has signs of starting, these two situations should not be delayed, as soon as possible to prepare for labor

Pregnancy and childbirth is a life-long event for every woman. In addition to a lot of taboos during pregnancy, the meaning of several signals before delivery should also be known in advance.

these four kinds of signals are usually emitted. Contractions, redness, rupture of water and abnormal fetal movement refer to that pregnant women are about to give birth. However, the meaning of each production signal is different. Some indicate that the situation is urgent, and some represent normal childbirth.

Xiaoyue is a woman who is about to give birth. She takes maternity leave half a month before giving birth. Father in law and mother-in-law also rushed to the city from their hometown to take care of Xiaoyue and her soon to be born children.

one week before the expected date of delivery, Xiaoyue went out for a walk with her husband and went to the vegetable market to buy a few kilograms of lobster in the evening. After a big meal, the whole family rested in their own rooms.

at this time, I heard Xiao Yue shout, and a torrent of water gushed out of her lower body. After listening to Xiaoyue’s call, her mother-in-law rushed to Xiaoyue’s room, only to know that Xiaoyue had broken water.

at this time, the mother-in-law and her husband were very anxious to pack up the waiting bag and prepare to go to the hospital. Xiaoyue is not slow to take a change of clothes ready to take a bath. I’m worried that I can’t take a bath one month after giving birth to a baby. I can’t even touch my body.

the mother-in-law quickly stopped: “Xiaoyue, broken water is a very urgent delivery situation, once the amniotic fluid outflow is too much, it is easy to cause baby hypoxia, you can’t take a bath, go to the hospital immediately.”

after listening to her mother-in-law’s urgent persuasion, Xiaoyue realized the seriousness. I packed up and went to the hospital. Sure enough, to the hospital did not have a while Xiaoyue’s son was born.

red is a very normal labor signal for pregnant women before labor, which indicates that the pregnant mother will not deliver the baby at a very fast speed. Normally, it can take 24 or 48 hours.

therefore, if pregnant women find that when they are approaching the expected delivery period, they can take a bath at home and observe their own situation. If the heart is more afraid of pregnant women, you can also choose to go directly to the hospital for observation.

this kind of contraction is usually irregular in the early stage. It appears about once every 20 minutes to 30 minutes, and the duration is about 20 seconds. As time goes on, the interval between the two contractions will become shorter and shorter, from the initial 30 minutes to 15 minutes to 10 minutes to 5 minutes, and the time of contractions will also be extended from 20 seconds to 40 seconds, or even one minute.

when pregnant women feel that the frequency of uterine contraction is faster and faster, and the time is getting longer and longer, it means that they are going to give birth, and the pregnant women need to prepare the waiting bag and go to the hospital immediately.

breaking water refers to the sudden outflow of amniotic fluid near the expected delivery period. This situation is very urgent, if the amniotic fluid outflow too much, the fetus in the pregnant woman’s belly is likely to appear hypoxia.

if pregnant women take a bath at this time, it will not only affect the production, but also may cause amniotic fluid infection and affect the health of the fetus. Therefore, the puerpera with broken water should lie flat as far as possible, and use pillow to pad up the buttocks to prevent excessive outflow of amniotic fluid.

if a pregnant woman finds that the fetus is different from the usual, kicking the stomach constantly and moving frequently, it is likely that the fetus appears umbilical cord around the neck in the abdomen and sends a distress signal to the pregnant mother. At this time, the pregnant mother should go to the hospital for examination.

you can do some simple sports. For example, under the doctor’s care, do some basic yoga exercise, swimming, etc. Or go out for a walk with your family every night to facilitate late delivery.

it is inevitable that the first delivery of a pregnant woman will be at a loss when giving birth. She only knows that it is very painful to give birth to a child, but she does not know how to relieve it. By doing a good job of breathing training in advance, the pain during childbirth can be reduced.

take a deep breath, exhale all the breath you breathe in, and then inhale slowly. At this time, your stomach will expand. Take your breath again and hold your breath, then exhale slowly. This way can effectively relieve the pain caused by uterine contraction.

it is very dangerous for pregnant women to arrive at the third trimester of pregnancy, so we must follow the doctor’s instructions. Three times a day fetal movement, and timely record in the hospital examination book. If you find that the baby fetal movement is particularly frequent, or no fetal movement, you must go to the hospital in time.

before production, prepare the waiting package in advance to be prepared. Usually, there is no need to prepare too much for the delivery package. Without special circumstances, mothers and fetuses only need to stay in hospital for three to five days.

in the third trimester of pregnancy, once the pregnant woman gives birth signal, we must arrange the time reasonably according to the urgency of the plot, pack up the waiting bag in advance, and prepare a good mood to welcome a new life.