Baby skin is particularly white to be alert to this disease

Xiaojunjun is a fat baby who can eat and sleep. Recently, he was admitted to the pediatric ward of Changsha maternal and child health care hospital due to fever. The most obvious feature of the child was pallor. Not only the conjunctiva is slightly pale, the lips are not ruddy, and the base of the deep surface of nails and toenails is also white. The blood routine examination showed that the red blood cell was 2.22 × 10 ^ 9 and the hemoglobin was 64 g / L, indicating moderate anemia. After further detailed examination, xiaojunjun was diagnosed as non deletion type α – thalassemia.
thalassemia is also called thalassemia. Anemia or pathological condition resulting from the absence or insufficiency of one or more globin chains in hemoglobin due to genetic defects. Thalassemia can be divided into four types: α, β, δ β and δ, among which β and α thalassemia are more common.

allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation is a method that can cure severe beta thalassemia. HLA matched hematopoietic stem cell donors should be the first choice for the treatment of severe beta thalassemia.

generally speaking, if two thalassemia patients of the same type are combined, they will have a chance to give birth to patients with severe anemia. In order to effectively prevent this disease, we need to draw blood for peptide chain test and gene analysis. If it is confirmed that they and their spouses belong to beta type extremely mild or mild thalassemia patients, their children will have a quarter of the chance to be completely normal, one half of the chance to become mild anemia patients, and one fourth of the chance to become moderate or severe anemia patients. In view of the lack of a radical cure of the disease, the prognosis of moderate and severe clinical is poor, so doctors should put forward medical advice to the people or patients with positive family history, carry out premarital examination and prenatal genetic diagnosis of fetus, and both husband and wife should actively do a good job of premarital and prenatal examination to avoid the occurrence of the next generation of children.