Backache is not equal to kidney problem! Do these four things well, help you “serious” kidney

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the waist is the residence of the kidney, and a bad waist is equivalent to a bad kidney. In western medicine, the kidney is on both sides of the waist. When the waist is sour, it may be kidney deficiency or kidney qi deficiency. However, in the eyes of traditional Chinese medicine, kidney is a large functional group, including endocrine system, reproductive and urinary system, as well as some vascular and nervous system problems. < / P > < p > kidney deficiency can lead to insufficient medullary sea, brain can not get enough blood nourishment, leading to tinnitus, headache and dizziness. The kidney stores essence, and the kidney essence turns into kidney yang and kidney yin. They are interdependent and restrict each other, and can nourish and warm the five viscera. Once the balance is destroyed, it is bound to have pathological changes, which will lead to impotence, premature ejaculation, spermatorrhea and other sexual function problems in men, and even reduce fertility. In addition, the kidney and bone are also closely related, a variety of hormones need to be synthesized through the kidney, some men because of lumbar trauma and affect fertility, reduce sexual function. In summary, poor waist does not mean poor kidney. It may be due to lumbar disc herniation or other bone diseases. < / P > < p > the basic function of the kidney is to produce urine. If you want to maintain the health of the kidney, you need to supplement water for the body. Only enough water can promote the normal circulation of kidney function, the metabolites and toxins in the body can be excreted through urine, stabilize the internal environment of the body, reduce the burden on the kidney, and avoid kidney lesions. When drinking water, you need to drink slowly, about every half an hour to drink 100 ~ 150 ml of water, can’t drink instead of boiled water. < / P > < p > usually eat more kidney tonifying food, such as wolfberry, black beans, black rice, yam or longan. Maintain a light diet, control salt intake, so as not to cause hypertension and irreversible damage to the kidney. Avoid overeating, if you eat too much high salt and high protein food, it will increase the burden on the kidney. < / P > < p > keeping scientific rules and exercising can maintain good health. Sitting for a long time will reduce the circulation ability, weaken the ability to excrete toxins and garbage, and make the body accumulate too much toxins. Therefore, we need to reduce the sedentary time and keep moderate exercise. < / P > < p > to ensure adequate sleep can improve the function of various organs, facilitate the excretion of garbage and toxins in the body, and maintain the normal operation of renal function. At the same time, it can not hold back urine, because urine retention in the bladder for a long time will breed too many bacteria * bacteria infected by the ureter, causing glomerulonephritis. < / P > < p > most drugs are excreted through the kidney, so they should not be abused. Whether they are cold drugs, antipyretic and analgesic drugs, or Chinese herbal medicines, they will bring certain toxic effects to the kidney, so they should not be used indiscriminately. Active control of blood pressure and blood sugar, because high blood pressure and blood sugar can cause arteriosclerosis. Urea, urea nitrogen and blood creatinine were tested every 6 months. It is necessary to monitor renal function regularly to prevent the occurrence of uremia during pregnancy. Pay more attention to abnormal symptoms on the body. If there is any foam or body edema in the urine, you should go to the hospital for renal function examination. Focus