Bad skin people drink “it”, drink a bowl every day, repair skin, beauty and beauty!

People work more and more busy, often stay up late to work overtime. Often stay up late is easy to cause biological clock confusion, physical fatigue, liver overload, vision decline and other sequelae. Staying up late is the number one killer for girls. The first thing to do is to cause great damage to the skin, such as the loss of collagen, heavy dark circles, eye bags and fine lines. Nutritionist big Qiao recommends papaya stewed bird’s nest, people with bad skin should drink “it” more, drink a bowl every day, repair skin, beauty and beauty! Nutritionist big Qiao said that bird’s nest can be antioxidant, anti fatigue, improve resistance, supplement collagen, beauty and beauty. Papaya is rich in carotene and vitamin C, has a strong antioxidant capacity, chymosin in papaya also has a milk effect, women can eat more. Soak the prepared bird’s nest in water. Generally use mineral water to soak hair in a bowl, and cover the bird’s nest with water. Generally, the hair is soaked for 2-4 hours in summer. Look at my bird’s nest. It’s beautiful. One is about 7g. Pay attention to details: generally, it takes more than 2 hours to soak in summer and 4-6 hours in winter. If there is a swallow’s horn after 2 hours of foaming, it is necessary to manually tear and then bubble. Stewing in water: put the washed bird’s nest into the stewing cup, and cover the bird’s nest with a little water. Then put it into the pot. The pot does not contain more than one-third of the stew.. First bring to a high heat, then simmer for 30 minutes. Finally, pour the stewed bird’s nest into the prepared papaya. < p > < p > how to eat papaya stewed bird’s nest for beauty and beauty, we should pay attention to the following points: 1. When eating papaya stewed bird’s nest, we should eat less acidic food, less spicy and greasy food, at least avoid eating at the same time. 2. Don’t smoke while eating and avoid secondhand smoke. 3. When you have a cold and fever, the body’s ability to absorb nutrients from the bird’s nest is poor, so it is not suitable to eat it. 4. Don’t take medicine when taking it. Keep it at least two hours apart. 5. Papaya stewed bird’s nest pay attention to eat less and more meals, keep eating regularly, once a day or once every other day, before going to bed to eat better. 6. Don’t drink tea while eating papaya stewed bird’s nest. The tea acid in tea will destroy the nutrition of bird’s nest. Bird’s nest is a precious health tonic. You must absorb all the nutrients to make your body better. If you have a good body, your skin and mental outlook will be better. Focus