Bad stomach may be related to three kinds of fruits. The more you eat, the worse your stomach will be. There must be some in your kitchen!

Cancer, a disease that seems to be very far away from us, is actually very close to us. The incidence rate of gastric cancer is second in many cancers. But as one of the most good at “camouflage” tumor disease, the symptoms of gastric cancer in the early stage are very not obvious, which is easy to make people mistakenly think that it is just a common gastric disease, which leads to many patients find out when it is already advanced gastric cancer. < / P > < p > if people often eat out, they will find that the hygiene of many restaurants is not in place, such as the freshness of food and the degree of hygiene. In the environment of eating out, the flow of people will be large, so it is very easy to be infected. It is necessary to do a good job in personal and public health prevention when eating out, and it is better to carry tableware when you go out. < / P > < p > people usually need to socialize, build departments, and have family dinners. Generally, there are no public chopsticks on the table. A plate of food may have many pairs of chopsticks, which increases the probability of Helicobacter pylori infection. Therefore, when dining out, try to use public chopsticks and wash hands frequently before and after meals. < / P > < p > because some foods such as hot pot and spicy hot pot enter the stomach, because of its pungent stimulation, it is very easy to stimulate the gastric mucosa. In serious cases, it will damage the gastric mucosa, leading to the occurrence of acute gastritis, and reduce the resistance function of the stomach. People who often have no spicy and unpleasant feelings are also very easy to give Helicobacter pylori the opportunity to invade, so in the diet of daily life, Can be appropriate to reduce the intake of some spicy food, eat more light food. < / P > < p > according to the research, the proportion of middle-aged, elderly and children in the current Helicobacter pylori infection in China is also increasing year by year, and the speed is increasing rapidly, which is mainly related to the low resistance of children and the elderly, and the imbalance of nutrition intake. In this regard, it is suggested that parents and people should take more nutritional supplements for children’s elderly, strengthen physical exercise, and reduce the risk of Helicobacter pylori infection. < / P > < p > although hawthorn is appetizing and delicious, the sugar gourd made of hawthorn is loved by adults and children, but it is easy to eat more if you are not careful. And hawthorn contains relatively high content of pectin and tannic acid, in the stomach, it is easy to contact with acid and gastric acid in the stomach to form gastric stones, and even cause gastric bleeding. < / P > < p > kiwi fruit is rich in vitamin C, a small amount of eating can pass the stomach, but kiwi fruit is cold, eating too much will cause stomach cold, easy to cause diarrhea symptoms. In addition, the pectin contained in kiwi fruit will stimulate the gastric acid secretion in the stomach. If the gastric acid secretion is too much, there will be a burning sensation in the stomach. Eating kiwi fruit in cold weather is easier to increase the burden on the stomach. < / P > < p > now is the season of fresh jujube, friends with stomach disease should pay more attention: fresh jujube really can’t eat too much. The dietary content of fresh jujube is very high, a large number of consumption will damage the stomach, causing irritation. The skin of fresh jujube is thin and hard, and the edge is also very sharp. If you eat it in the stomach, if you happen to have a weak and damaged gastric mucosa, it will aggravate the symptoms. < / P > < p > both pickled food and smoked food contain excessive nitrite, which is recognized as a class I carcinogen. It’s OK to eat it occasionally, but you can’t eat it every day. Excessive intake of nitrite will lead to the risk of cancer. < / P > < p > nicotine contained in cigarettes can not only cause lung cancer, but also smoke into the upper respiratory tract with the mouth, and then directly into the stomach from the upper respiratory tract, which will increase the risk of cancer. And alcohol has great irritation, not only will damage the liver, but also damage the gastric mucosa, so want to stomach health, quit smoking and alcohol is sure. It is recorded in the works of Zhang Zhongjing, an ancient medical sage, that yuweihui tea is a kind of dietotherapy formula for nourishing and warming the stomach: it is made of cassia seed, barley, honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, licorice, dandelion and other traditional Chinese medicine ingredients extracted from the ancient prescription, which can be used for daily drinking. < / P > < p > cassia seed and chrysanthemum: it not only nourishes the liver and eyesight, but also has a tonic effect on the stomach. At the same time, it can clear stomach fire and improve bad breath. < / P > < p > barley honeysuckle: mild in nature, it is the best match for nourishing the stomach. Honeysuckle is a sharp tool for clearing heat and detoxification, which can relieve stomachache and stomach burning. < / P > < p > after scientific matching, give full play to the best effect of each ingredient, brew with boiling water, drink a cup sooner or later, mildly nourish the stomach, strengthen gastric motility, enhance gastric immunity, and keep stomach diseases away from you! < / P > < p > in addition, patients with stomach disease over a long period of time must choose a certain time to have a stomach examination. They can observe the health of the stomach at any time, find out as soon as possible, treat as soon as possible, and pay attention to the diet. The stomach is healthy and people are happy! Focus