Bailu drink this bowl of soup, only 3 kinds of ingredients, less sick family, spleen Runfei and liver

White Dew, the third solar term after autumn, the southern autumn also unconsciously has a trace of autumn Tanabata, the heat gradually dissipated in the evening, the temperature at night is obviously not so hot, even slightly cool. In the north, the autumn will be more obvious. Last week, I have already felt the strong autumn feeling in the North — dryness. < / P > < p > as a southerner, I am very concerned about the climate change in the four seasons, especially when the body has sent out some signals, such as dry skin, dry nasal cavity, and if there are elderly children with rhinitis at home, they will have a particularly obvious perception of the change of temperature. Autumn is the season of nourishing liver and moistening lung. Do you know what should be paid attention to in daily diet? < / P > < p > don’t want children and old people with weak resistance to get sick and improve their immunity. In autumn, we should pay attention to sugar water. Appropriate sweets can moisten the lungs and smooth the liver qi. It is not easy to have respiratory problems, such as throat inflammation, dry nose and even nosebleed. < p > < p > there are many fresh foods in autumn, such as lotus root, lily, tremella fuciformis, sugarcane, Sydney, etc. Cantonese people pay most attention to this kind of diet soup spectrum, so today, with three simple ingredients, I would like to share with you a piece of sugar water suitable for the family after Bailu. It can moisten the lung and remove dryness. It can also promote digestion and increase appetite. The family members are less sick. The nourishing soup is also effective in nourishing people. < / P > < p > prepare three kinds of food materials, hawthorn, also known as red fruit. The red fruit can promote digestion, sour and sweet appetizing. In the south, only dried Hawthorn slices can be bought. In the north, fresh red fruits can also be used. Some friends have been worried that the sugar water in Guangdong is too sweet and greasy to digest. In fact, it is unnecessary to use sweet potato to boil sugar water, which is not greasy, but also moistens the intestinal tract and promotes defecation. Peel the sweet potatoes and cut them into hob blocks. Add the water to the soup pot and add the sugar to the soup pot for one time. Cook on medium low heat for 10 minutes. Cook the sweet potatoes first. Finally, the prepared small piece of brown sugar is put in, and the brown sugar block is boiled to increase the appropriate sweetness and the sour taste of hawthorn is integrated. Finally, turn off the fire. < p > < p > sweet potato flour, hawthorn taste slightly sour, with brown sugar pieces cooked together, taste sweet and delicious. In autumn, it is better to drink the sugar water with low temperature than to refrigerate it. Try to eat less cold food. Warm sugar water can moisten spleen and lung. < / P > < p > the kitchen of black cat, the original author of food column, the original picture and text, and the theft of pictures must be investigated! Share with you the details of daily home cooking and three meals a day, live seriously and have a good meal! Skip to content