Baoma, a 29 year old woman in the countryside, has seven children. She lives like this, and netizens call her envious

Some time ago, a couple of post-90s couples had nine children in a row, and the news got hot search. Different from the rest of the world, they built their own houses and planted their own land. A rural treasure mother also gave birth to seven children, relying on her own work to support her children, and she lived a normal life like others in the crowd. < p > < p > when her seventh baby was born, she was only 29 years old. It can be seen that she married and had children earlier. With so many children in her family, she became a local “celebrity” who could be recognized on the street. Speaking of the reasons for baby birth, she said it was not because she liked children, but because of her easy pregnancy constitution. Although there were contraceptives, they failed somehow. When I found that I was pregnant, I had the heart to take measures, but I couldn’t give up the baby, so I was born. The last time she got pregnant, she found out that she was pregnant with triplets. Now she is flustered. She has four children. How can she afford to be reborn? But after learning that one of them was a boy, he decided to give birth. After the birth of the triplets, she quit her job and concentrated on taking care of her baby at home. My mother-in-law will come to help from time to time, but according to her, she still leads a dark life. When her children are old, she goes out to work, but because she has so many children, she still has a different life. There are many chores. According to this treasure mother, only washing clothes, you can be busy from morning to night. Fortunately, I didn’t cherish water and electricity like my mother-in-law, so I kept the washing machine busy all day long. On the balcony, clothes are constantly on every day, and there is never a special quiet time. < p > < p > Mother Bao once showed a picture of a child sleeping at night. Three small children had to be taken care of, sleeping in a room with two adults, and the remaining four children were sleeping in the other two rooms. Two adults and three children squeeze a bed, the degree of sour can be imagined, especially children sleep at night still like to keep changing posture. < / P > < p > in addition, extra large pots are also used for eating, which makes Yiduo children very noisy. Sleeping at night is also a big problem. Managing these seven children is like managing a team. Like most families, this mother is widowed. Originally, there are many children, and the husband should be more helpful, but after work, the husband will either play with his mobile phone or meet his friends. Each couple earns nearly 10000 yuan a month, but because they are fond of gambling, their husband always has no money left. Baoma relies on wechat business part-time and a formal job to barely maintain the family. The good news is that she is very optimistic. Children know that their mothers are hard-working, and they will always consciously share the housework, amuse their mothers and keep the family happy. This is really in line with the old saying “one is also raised, and one nest is also a belt”. Thanks to Baoma’s optimistic and open-minded attitude and diligent and down-to-earth working attitude, she made her children have no worries about food and clothing. Compared with this Baoma, we who have never experienced life and say that we are suffering from severe beatings, can not help but feel a little ashamed. HEALTHY LIFE