Baoma appears this kind of reaction, is the fetus enters “the growth period”, the nutrition must keep up with

Yang Yang was pregnant years ago. After the family heard the news, they almost didn’t give up Yang Yang. Even her husband said that Yang Yang was the hero of their family. < p > < p > at the beginning of pregnancy, Yang Yang resigned and went home to raise her fetus. After four months, the development of the fetus began to stabilize. < / P > < p > every morning there is a bowl of chicken soup. At first, Yang Yang drinks it every day for the sake of the health of the fetus. However, after a month, Yang Yang grows fat and doesn’t talk about it. Later, when he smells the chicken soup, he feels sick and nauseated. There is always a way for the family. If we have enough chicken soup, let’s change the spare ribs soup, pigeon soup and crucian carp soup. Anyway, I’m not tired of eating in rotation. < p > < p > seeing that Yang Yang’s stomach is getting bigger and bigger every day, he often makes nausea in the morning and feels like vomiting. Sleep is also tossing and turning, can not find a comfortable sleeping position, but also afraid of pressing into the stomach of the fetus. < p > < p > after a big stomach, I can’t wear my previous clothes, and I dare not wear makeup. I also eat some supplements with high nutritional value every day. She wants to eat hot pot, crayfish, ice cream, doughnuts. But Yang Yang’s husband did not agree with her to eat, and she felt that pregnancy was the biggest torture to her. Recently, she took off the burden from her stomach and began to complain to us about how miserable her pregnancy was;. < p > < p > Yang Yang thought that the baby must be beautiful, so that she would be worth the pain. After the baby was born, it did not let everyone down. < / P > < p > first of all, we should know that after 30 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus will enter a rapid weight gain period, and the pregnant mother should seize the opportunity. That is to say, the whole body will start to prop up, instead of being shriveled. < / P > < p > at the same time, the change of mother’s stomach will be obvious, and it will bulge like a balloon. This shows that the fetus is beginning to absorb nutrients and begin to develop. < / P > < p > and during this period of weight gain, some moms can also obviously feel their appetite increases. I feel like I want to eat at any time, but I feel uncomfortable when I eat a little bit. < p > < p > sleeping is the biggest problem for Baoma, because the fetus grows rapidly at this stage, and the weight and body weight of pregnant mothers will change. < p > < p > moreover, hormones during pregnancy will make Baoma’s ligaments become more relaxed and joints more loose, so we should prevent sudden falls. In addition, ligament relaxation will make feet bigger. No wonder a lot of pregnant mothers will wonder why pregnant feet become bigger? If you buy shoes for a pregnant mother, you can increase it a little. < / P > < p > during the whole period of pregnancy, about 12 weeks is the most obvious time of pregnancy vomiting. Many pregnant mothers will have no appetite, even feel like vomiting when they smell lampblack, especially when they brush their teeth in the morning. Friend Yang Yang bought toothpaste and toothbrush for pregnant women. During pregnancy, the taste of toothpaste was very natural, so she did not feel nauseous at all. This stage of fetal development is extremely rapid. It can grow to 40cm in length and weigh about 1700 grams. Therefore, mothers to be grasp the final sprint stage in about 30 weeks to give the best nutrition to the fetus, but there are certain restrictions, not too fat. < / P > < p > if you want your child’s intellectual development, you should add more fish, protein and other foods, balance the diet, and add more trace elements to the fetus, so that the fetus can absorb it better. < p > < p > at the beginning, Yang Yang’s family was very smart and knew what to eat was good for the baby’s development. During the baby’s & quot; weight gain period & quot; she kept trying to let Yang Yang eat, and she just ate, and didn’t know whether it was good for the fetus or not. The baby is healthy and beautiful. In order to keep the fetus at the starting line, mothers to be should make the final sprint during this period! 08/17/2020