Baoma, the second child, has a rough life

The first delivery of pregnancy in October was the happy experience of mother giving birth to her baby. But some women had several pregnancies. Although they had passed the first three months that people thought were the most critical, they had miscarried or prematurely several times in the middle and late pregnancy, thus losing their baby. Recently, there is a special pregnant woman in the City maternity hospital. Her bumpy experience of “baby protection” has deeply moved the medical staff and witnessed the great maternal love. Ms. Li is a second-born pregnant woman of old age, who has had a history of abortion, premature delivery and failure of ring dressing operation in the past. These experiences have hit Ms. Li hard, which makes her bear great psychological pressure. When the nightmare hit, Ms. Li didn’t think that the occurrence of this situation had a great relationship with her cervical dysfunction. If you compare the uterus to an inverted pocket, the cervix is like the closure of the pocket. If the cervical function is incomplete, with the growth of gestational week, the weight of uterus increases, and the sealing part can not play a bearing role, which will lead to premature delivery of fetus. What is more worrying is that abortion or premature delivery caused by cervical dysfunction accounts for about one thousandth of all pregnancies, and about 8% of the pregnant women who miscarry or premature are due to the disease. Because abortion and premature delivery occur in 18-25 weeks, the chances of fetal survival are very small, and repeated abortion may cause uterine cavity adhesion and other infertility, which will cause great harm to patients and their families. After contacting Ms. Li, looking at her looking forward to, the medical staff in the first ward of maternity hospital are deeply responsible. The medical staff in this department actively organized discussions, and made a comprehensive evaluation of Ms. Li’s condition and made a detailed plan for fetal protection. It is suggested that laparoscopic ring operation or high-level ligation of Yin type should be selected during pregnancy. According to Ms. Li’s condition and her own needs, after the full discussion of the chief physician of the ward, lichunyang, vice chief physician cuileying and the doctor of the treatment group, the treatment group doctor finally determined to adopt the treatment plan developed by liujianhui, the deputy director of the ward, to perform the Yin high-level ligation. From pre operation talks, plan making, operation implementation to difficult breakthroughs, the difficulties and risks are only known by experienced personnel. After sufficient preparation, Liu Jianhui was the main knife, and the Doctor Zhang Miaomiao and Chen Jun assisted the operation. Fortunately, the operation was very smooth. Finally, Ms. Li nearly opened the “door” of the uterus and was successfully “locked” by a tie. After the operation, after anti-inflammatory and continuous fetal protection, Ms. Li reviewed the results of color ultrasound, showing that the placenta membranes of the fetus in the abdomen were not stripped, the fetus survived and developed well, and the pregnancy was successful. However, it is not always a once and for all operation. Liu Jianhui attaches great importance to the postoperative situation of the patients, often asks Ms. Li about her physical condition and orders her to have a timely delivery inspection. On August 4, Ms. Li gave birth to a 5.7 Jin baby boy. Listening to the crying of the child Hongliang, Ms. Li shed tears of happiness. On that day, she sent a wechat to Liu Jianhui to express her gratitude to her family and herself. “For me, I am confused, afraid of surgery, and I am afraid that the baby will be sad again. Thank you for your operation for me. I have been caring about my health and baby after the operation, which makes me feel very happy. The most sincere expression comes from the most simple way, and the most real emotion comes from the most ordinary moment. This wechat is full of Ms. Li’s sincere affirmation and trust to the medical staff of the City maternity hospital, and also witnessed the sincerity and harmony between doctors and patients, and deduced a strong love between doctors and patients. Pigtail is the most delicious way to do, super simple, women often eat, beauty and beauty, delay aging