Baoma Xuan, the second child, is pregnant on her handstand, but is questioned by netizens: is this posture really good?

There is a limit to everything. No matter what you eat or exercise during pregnancy, you should not be too little or too much. The best thing is to be appropriate.

in order to ensure the health of Taibao, most pregnant mothers have learned to exercise freely during pregnancy, but the specific scale of exercise is a little confusing.

a few days ago, Olympic champion “Xuan beauty” Liu Xuan released a group of upside down pregnant women photos on social platform, which really made netizens sweat.

as an excellent gymnast, Liu Xuan, a 41 year old second child’s mother, still made the difficult movement of “handstand a horse” in her late pregnancy. The picture was very beautiful, but it was constantly questioned by netizens:

netizen @ hhehhehhe: if a mother can bear it, it is not necessarily a child’s ability to bear it. The rotation of such a large body position will affect the fetus, and the athletes may have an impact on their own body Yes, but not necessarily about medical problems.

netizen @ 333 Shanshan =: this practice is not supported. If someone imitates an accident, it will easily lead to umbilical cord entanglement! It’s too dangerous!

although there is no lack of questioning voices on the Internet, netizens are more worried about the health of Liu Xuan and the baby. In the query of the blockbuster, more netizens still choose to support Liu Xuan:

ordinary people, not to mention being pregnant, are difficult to make such difficult movements even if they are ordinary. It is not so strange that athletes are undergoing high-intensity training before and during pregnancy and can make amazing movements.

the fetuses live in the liquid environment of amniotic fluid. The umbilical cord is like a rope suspended in the water. Even if it is wrapped around the baby’s neck, it will not be tightened. Most of the time, it is safe. Generally, it is necessary to observe the umbilical cord after more than 3 weeks around the neck.

pregnant mothers’ daily exercise, sleeping and turning over will not aggravate the situation of umbilical cord around the neck. If handstand can cause neck curling, isn’t it possible to walk around when standing? This kind of thought is actually treasure mother too worried.

there are two main reasons for fetal treasure to suffer from anoxia: abnormal amniotic fluid and umbilical cord entanglement. These conditions are not caused by handstand, so pregnant mothers need not worry too much.

it should be noted that specific yoga training during pregnancy must be carried out under the guidance of doctors. Treasure mothers should not blindly try to imitate. However, there is a big gap between our physique and athletes.

Liu Xuan can’t learn the same movements. What sports can pregnant mothers do? According to our ability, these kinds of pregnant mothers can choose according to their own abilities.

some household chores, such as washing clothes and mopping the floor, need to stretch the waist, which is a little high for pregnant mothers. Pregnant mothers should choose according to their actual situation.

this activity is suitable for each stage of pregnancy. It should be noted that in the early and late pregnancy, the walking speed should not be too fast. Keep walking at a constant speed, about 30 minutes a day.

this activity is suitable for the second trimester of pregnancy. It is an aerobic exercise. Pregnant mothers should keep breathing evenly. If they feel tired or the breathing rhythm is obviously accelerated, they need appropriate rest.

swimming is the most recommended exercise in the second trimester of pregnancy. Swimming can not only exercise the muscles of the whole body, but also support the pregnant mother’s body, reduce the pressure on the lower limbs and relax the muscles of the pregnant mother.

it should be noted that the swimming pool with good sanitary conditions should be selected as far as possible, and sports should be carried out when there are few people, so as to avoid the danger of slipping or being hit by people.

this exercise can not only exercise the body and enhance the cardiopulmonary function, but also is very beneficial to childbirth. It is suggested that pregnant mothers in the middle and late pregnancy should choose.

it should be noted that yoga during pregnancy is different from that of ordinary yoga. Pregnant mothers need to be trained under the guidance of professionals. Never try to be conceited.

no matter stars, ordinary people, or athletes, their physical condition will change after pregnancy. Pregnant mothers should do their best in sports and work. After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!