Bath aunt to coach? Many children swimming training teachers are quick

Before closing the shop, he was still responsible for bathing children, and after reopening, he became a certified swimming coach for children. In only a week or so, he could get the certificate of children’s physical fitness coach and children’s emotional quotient instructor, so as to “make a big show” in training institutions.

during the summer vacation, with the epidemic situation getting better, another round of shift reporting came. However, when facing the training teacher’s various titles and various “fierce” certificates, consumers may still have to pay more attention.

there are not many customers coming and going in front of the natatorium, but it’s quite lively to enter the natatorium: in a children’s pool with a water depth of about 1.1 meters, there are two coaches and three children, and the youngest one seems to be only in his early three years old.

seeing someone consulting, the store manager was very positive, and quickly took the customers to the innermost nursery pool. The pool here is less than one meter deep, and a female coach is carrying a child under two years old to play in the water. “Don’t be afraid. The teacher is holding it. yes! Kick, kick… ”

watching the children active and active, the parents who came to visit were also interested and went to the shop gate to inquire about the course price. And the side of the old customers as if to see a little way: “this coach is not the original bath for the children’s aunt?”

for the old customer’s question, another parent continued: “it’s the old aunt with a good attitude. I didn’t expect to become a coach now.”

according to people familiar with the situation, there was a female coach in the swimming pool, but she left at the end of last year. This “new coach” is the “bathing aunt” who has been working here all the time. The natatorium was closed for a period of time during the severe epidemic, and when it reopened, she became a coach: “emotionally, I think people’s attitude is very good. But if it’s not so professional, it’s hard for us to talk about it. ”

for some customers’ questions, the person in charge of the store did not shy away and admitted that the coach was not “from a professional background”. The reason why I changed my career as a coach was that I got the relevant qualification recently. However, when a consumer asked to see the certificate, the person in charge said that he was not in the store and needed to get it back another day. In addition to hanging business license, there are no other coaches’ relevant qualifications in the prominent position of the store.

“Hey, kids are swimming. It’s almost enough. Clean water is the most important thing.” From time to time, Xu takes out his mobile phone to take photos. He has been swimming with his grandson for more than half a year, and he has not thought about the qualification of a coach. “We don’t know whether posture is taught. Let’s cultivate hobbies. When the children are older, we will go to the regular venues. ”

after that, the reporter visited several surrounding children’s swimming pools, and found that the shop owners were generally evasive about the qualification of coaches, instead, they focused on publicizing the anti epidemic measures and clean water quality of the stores. In addition, although they don’t emphasize the qualification of coaches, they often emphasize the training results and promise to learn how to swim backstroke and freestyle when they are consulted by older children. In some swimming pools, there are also pictures of children “learning”.

in recent years, the popularity of the children’s market has given birth to various subdivision projects, and related teacher training has sprung up in an endless stream. According to the survey, it seems that it is much more convenient and easier for ordinary people with no relevant basis to become “teachers” in a certain field after training.

make the body have good coordination, effectively prevent diseases caused by weakness, improve children’s memory and concentration, and finally improve all aspects of physical fitness For children’s physical fitness training, many sports venues give a similar description.

how to be a fitness coach? The reporter searched for a top training institution in Beijing, and the receiving teacher said that the introduction of the concept of “physical fitness” in the sports hall is not long. “Parents are still trying to be fresh. It’s better for you to learn this.”

the reporter said that he had no fitness foundation and did not master any sports skills. “You don’t have to worry about it. For example, all kinds of ball games, swimming, rope skipping and so on belong to special subjects, and their physical fitness is not involved.”

according to the other party, physical fitness is mainly to help children “exercise” and lay a good foundation for future sports. In fact, in addition to the theoretical knowledge of physical fitness, teaching methods, the specific arrangements of a class and other aspects of the design of the training course, there are also marketing contents such as how to talk about the single and how to let parents continue the course.

in terms of fees, the training can be completed in three days with 3600 yuan for physical fitness coach certification for children aged 3 to 6 years. A wider range of 3-16-year-old fitness coach certification takes 10 days and costs 12000 yuan. “At the end of the course, there are examinations and certificates. It’s not that you can pay for it, but as long as you study hard and do the teacher’s requirements well, it’s basically no problem. ”

“it should be said that all training institutions are issuing their own certificates. Some of them are more likely to” write articles “and cooperate with some departments. It seems that they are” excellent “. Do you think this is authoritative? I think you do it in the library. In the final analysis, the boss still believes that it is to sign the bill. If you can’t sign one, the boss is not willing to use you! ”

the reporter consulted a well-known vocational skill training school in Beijing. The instructor sent a course introduction of “senior children’s EQ guidance consultant”, which was called “line yuan”. The line year is valid. During this period, you can watch it repeatedly, but I estimate that you don’t have to watch it for a long time. The lowest price is 2600 yuan. We have an offline exam in September, so you can come and take it. ”

in the introduction of the course, six modules are listed, including professional quality, guidance of children’s emotional behavior problems, EQ game, activity design, etc. The reporter is worried that the content is too much, or if you just look at the line, and you can’t grasp the key points in class, it will be difficult to pass the exam. The instructor said that after paying, the question bank will be opened for trainees. “The test contents are all from the question bank, so there should be no failure. The students can get the certificate issued by the education and training center of the Ministry of human resources and social security, which can be checked on the official website

the reporter found that in the “Employment Promotion -” family service “of the education and training network of the Ministry of human resources and social security, there is a training program for children’s EQ guidance consultants, but the certificate can only show that the trainees have received relevant training, and its” gold content “is quite limited. In fact, the instructor also made it clear that there were no requirements for students’ occupation, education, etc. However, in the current national career canon, there is no such occupation as children’s EQ tutor.

Xiao Yun, who claims to be a “tutor in charge of performance”, runs a small art training studio, offering courses such as hosting and dancing for preschool children. Last year, she took part in a teacher training course conducted by the film and Television Arts Alliance. After less than a week of training, she successfully obtained the “teacher qualification certificate”.

according to Xiao Yun’s recollection, the training contents include nature liberation, body training, line skills, teaching methods and other items. For her who has never been trained systematically before, she is rich and colorful, and can also get a glimpse of the “feeling” of the performance circle.

although he passed the examination and got the certification of “teacher qualification”, Xiao Yun never thought of being a teacher in his own studio. Although the certificate is issued by a national prefix evaluation center, it is not a “Shanzhai version”, but in her opinion, the threshold and requirements for students are not high, and getting the certificate can not fully prove the strength.

Xiao Yun confessed that he was not born in the art examination. In addition to knowing an instrument, he was a blank in drama, performance and dance. “I participated in the training, including the examination of certificates, and I didn’t feel that it was very difficult or very professional or very threshold. It can be said that as long as the personality is open and the state is relatively engaged, it can be completed. I think you can also pass the study. ” She said that as an institution operator, she needs similar certificates and increases “recognition” in communication with parents on some occasions, but in actual teaching, teachers with professional background will still be selected.

“some of the students I know want to open classes by themselves, or they are not majors at all and want to get a certificate to find a part-time job.” Based on this, Xiao Yun pays more attention to the graduates and employment experience of teachers. “After all, we all know what a lot of training and competitions are about. When parents choose a training institution for their children, which is relatively difficult to grasp, if they only want their children to” have a good time “, otherwise, they can ask more about the origin of the teachers, and don’t be fooled by the numerous certificates and titles.”