Be alert to the consumption trap of “medical beauty mask”

“Can accelerate wound healing”, “can treat dermatitis”, “can remove red blood” And so on, in recent years, the slogan has been frequently appeared in the online sales of medical beauty mask and the “mechanical mask” propaganda, which makes consumers think that the medical beauty mask has surpassed the ordinary facial mask from the aspects of safety and skin care. Are these medical beauty mask sold on the Internet really useful? Many doctors have said that the medical beauty mask is equivalent to the Department of Dermatology’s “wound paste”, and its role in beauty and skin care is not as good as that of ordinary facial mask.

now, dragons and fishes jumbled together on the big business platforms. Some e-commerce companies claim that whitening, anti wrinkle, acne Just a piece of medical beauty mask or medical mask can fix it. Among them, the use of ordinary mask disguised as “brand name mask” of the electricity supplier is not uncommon. The reason is that in addition to cater to the needs of consumers and bring more profits to businesses under the banner of medical beauty, another important reason is that the “mechanical mask” as a class of medical devices can only be registered for registration.

medical beauty mask or “brand name mask” is actually the name of cosmetics manufacturers to promote products and is also known as patch medical dressings. Because the “brand name” product does have the role of adjuvant therapy in clinical practice, the Department of Dermatology doctor also acquiesced in the concept of medical beauty mask. However, medical dressings should be within the scope of its “application” or “intended use”, and should be guided by qualified doctors and used in accordance with the correct usage and dosage. It can not be used as daily skin care products for a long time.

online shopping for all kinds of cosmetics and skin care products is now a popular way of consumption for young people. Among them, the mask buying is huge, especially the “mechanical mask”, which is regarded as a star product by many young women. However, the State Drug Administration issued a clear statement that there is no so-called “mechanical mask” concept, in fact, it is a medical dressing, belonging to the type of medical devices.

according to relevant laws and regulations, cosmetics shall not be claimed to have medical effects, and their labels shall not be marked with exaggerated functions or false publicity. Some mask cosmetics claim to be “medical skin care products”, “cosmetics” products, and so on. They belong to express or implied products with medical functions. They are illegal publicity activities. At present, commercial household “medical mask” flickers, not only reflects its weak legal awareness, but also because of the lack of norms in the cosmetics market.

medical facial mask is sterile, including cleaning workshop and sterilizing raw material. It can be used directly in skin wound, but common skin care products are not so strict in production process. Facing the chaos of the mask market, implementing the main responsibility of the relevant enterprises, and ensuring the safety of new materials, we must strictly control the imminent actions of “medical mask” to flicker consumers. At the same time, manufacturers should strengthen their legal awareness and regulate their own behavior. More importantly, consumers should polish their eyes and enhance their awareness of prevention, so as to avoid being fooled by illegal propaganda such as “medical mask” in the market. To sum up in a word, safety makeup is very important. We must be alert to the consumption trap of “medical beauty mask”. Skip to content